Joel Rybicki

D.Sc. (Tech). Postdoctoral researcher

Department of Biosciences,
University of Helsinki

Email: joel.rybicki at
Office: Room 5715, Biocenter 3


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Mathematical Biology Group at the Metapopulation Research Centre. Currently, I am interested in working on mathematical models related to various ecological patterns.

My background is in theoretical computer science. I have worked on theory of distributed computing in the Distributed Algorithms group in Aalto University. I have worked on self-stabilisation and Byzantine fault tolerance, local algorithms for graph problems, and algorithm synthesis. I have also done some research related to species-area relationships.

For more information, see my publications (also on Google Scholar).


  • January 2017: I am in the technical program committee of NetSciCom 2017.
  • November 2016: My doctoral defense was on 19th of November.
  • October 2016: I moved to University of Helsinki.

Recent publications and manuscripts

Past teaching