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Assistant professor Jarno Vanhatalo

Kumpula campus
Exactum building, room B420
Gustaf H�llstr�min katu 2b
P.O. Box 68
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Department of Biosciences (Viikki Kampus)
Biocenter 3, room 5717
Viikinkaari 3
P.O. Box 65
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

e-mail: jarno.vanhatalo(a)
Phone: +358 50 3175494

Publications of Jarno Vanhatalo

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Peer-reviewed scientific articles:

  1. Marcelo Hartmann and Jarno Vanhatalo (in press). Laplace approximation and natural gradient for Gaussian process regression with heteroscedastic Student-t model. Statistics and Computing
  2. Jussi Mäkinen and Jarno Vanhatalo (2018). Hierarchical Bayesian model reveals the distributional shifts of Arctic marine mammals. Diversity and Distributions, 24:1381-1394.
  3. Maisa Nevalainen, Inari Helle and Jarno Vanhatalo (2018). Estimating the acute impacts of Arctic marine oil spills using expert elicitation. Marine Pollution Bulletin 131,782-792.
  4. Eero Siivola, Aki Vehtari, Javier Conzalez, Jarno Vanhatalo, and Michael R. Andersen (2018). Correcting Boundary Over-Exploration Deficiencies In Bayesian Optimization With Virtual Derivative Sign Observations. IEEE 28th International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP)
  5. Mikko Kotilainen, Jarno Vanhatalo, Mikko Suominen, and Pentti Kujala (2018). Predicting Local Ice Loads on Ship Bow as a Function of Ice and Operational Conditions in the Southern Sea.. Ship Technology Research - Schiffstechnik 65(2):87-101.
  6. Marcelo Hartmann, Geoffrey R. Hosack, Richard M. Hillary and Jarno Vanhatalo (2017). Gaussian processs framework for temporal dependence and discrepancy functions in Ricker-type population growth models. Annals of Applied Statistics, 11(3):1375-1402.
  7. Mika Rahikainen, Kirsi-Maaria Hoviniemi, Samu Mäntyniemi, Jarno Vanhatalo, Inari Helle, Maiju Lehtiniemi, Jukka Pönni and Sakari Kuikka (2017). Impacts of eutrophication and oil spills on the Gulf of Finland herring stock. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 74(8): 1218-1232.
  8. Meri Kallasvuo, Jarno Vanhatalo and Lari Veneranta (2017). Modeling the spatial distribution of larval fish abundance provides essential information for management. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 74:636-649
  9. Jarno Vanhatalo, Geoffrey R. Hosack and Hugh Sweatman (2017). Spatio-temporal modelling of crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks on the Great Barrier Reef to inform control strategies. Journal of Applied Ecology, 54:188-197.
    [Link] [code]
  10. Maisa Nevalainen, Inari Helle and Jarno Vanhatalo (2017). Preparing for the unprecedented - towards quantitative oil risk assessment in the Arctic marine areas. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 114(1):90-101
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  12. [Link]
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  16. Jarno Vanhatalo, Alistair J. Hobday, Richard L. Little. and Claire M. Spillman (2016). Downscaling and extrapolating dynamic seasonal marine forecasts for coastal ocean users. Ocean Modelling, 100:20-30.
  17. Bjarke Mølgaard, Jarno Vanhatalo, Pasi Aalto, Nönne L. Prisle and Kaarle Hämeri (2016). Notably improved inversion of Differential Mobility Particle Sizer data obtained under conditions of fluctuating particle number concentrations.. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 9:741-751.
    [Link] [code], [code for SMPS inversion]
  18. Samu Mäntyniemi, Rebekka Whitlock, Tommi Perälä, Paul Blomstedt, Jarno Vanhatalo, Marcarita M. Rincon, Anna Kuparinen, Henni Pulkkinen, and Sakari Kuikka (2015). General State-space Population Dynamics Model for Bayesian Stock Assessment ICES journal of Marine Sciences 72 (8): 2209-2222.
  19. Jarno Vanhatalo, Markus Vetemaa, Annika Herrero, Teija Aho, Raisa Tiilikainen (2014). By-Catch of Grey Seals (Halichoerus grypus) in Baltic Fisheries�A Bayesian Analysis of Interview Survey. PLoS ONE 9(11): e113836.
    [Link] [Press release]
  20. Sakari Kuikka, Jarno Vanhatalo, Henni Pulkkinen, Samu Mäntyniemi and Jukka Corander (2014). Experiences in Bayesian Inference in Baltic Salmon management. Statistical Science, 29(1):42-49.
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    [link] [Lis�materiaalia Suomeksi][English translation]
  32. Jarno Vanhatalo and Aki Vehtari (2010). Speeding up the binary Gaussian process classification. Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence.
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  • Jarno Vanhatalo (2010). Speeding Up the Inference in Gaussian Process Models. PhD Thesis, Aalto University, School of Science and Technology. (pdf)
  • Jarno Vanhatalo (2006). Sparse Log Gaussian Process in Spatial Epidemiology. M.Sc. Thesis, Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology. (pdf)

Reports and non-refereed articles

  • Lari Veneranta, Richard Hudd and Jarno Vanhatalo (2013). Siiat tarvitsevat puhtaita matalikkoja. Suomen Kalastuslehti 4/2013:8-10.
  • Lari Veneranta, Richard Hudd and Jarno Vanhatalo (2013). Merikutuisen siian ja muikun poikastuotantoalueet. RKTL:n ty�raportteja 8/2013, Riista- ja kalatalouden tutkimuslaitos. [link]
  • Richard Hudd, Lari Veneranta and Jarno Vanhatalo (2013). Havslekande sikens och sikl�jans yngelproduktionsomr�den. Vilt- och fiskeriforskningsinstitutes arbetsrapporter 7/2013, Vilt- och fiskeriforskningsinstitutet. [link]
  • Jarno Vanhatalo, Jaakko Riihim�ki, Jouni Hartikainen, Pasi Jyl�nki, Ville Tolvanen and Aki Vehtari (2012). Bayesian Modeling with Gaussian Processes using the GPstuff Toolbox. arXiv:1206.5754.[link]