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Jarno Vanhatalo


Contact information:

Assistant professor Jarno Vanhatalo

Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Kumpula campus)
Exactum building, room B420
Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b
P.O. Box 68
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Department of Biosciences (Viikki Kampus)
Biocenter 3, room 4418
Viikinkaari 3
P.O. Box 65
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

e-mail: jarno.vanhatalo(a)
Phone: +358 50 3175494


Jarno Vanhatalo

Jarno Vanhatalo,
(D.Sc. tech) Assistant professor of statistics

I am an assistant professor of statistics at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Biosciences in University of Helsinki. This is a shared position including research and teaching activities in both departments. Formerly I worked as a post-doctoral researcher (2010-2012) and a post-doctoral fellow of Academy of Finland (2013-2016) in the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki. I did my Phd. in Aalto University (2006-2010). I hold also Adjunct professorhsip (dosentti) in Environmental Risk Analysis at University of Helsinki

I lead the Environmental and Ecological Statistics group (see below). Currently, I am also a co-PI in the University of Helsinki node of the Joint Research Centre of Excellence for Arctic Shipping and Operations (CEARCTIC) and am involved in the SmartSea consortium in relation to analysing impacts of climate change to the Gulf of Bothnia.

My bibliographic information can be found, e.g., from Google Scholar, TUHAT research database, Scopus and my list of publications.

Environmental and Ecological Statistics research group

Ecology studies the distribution and abundance of species, and their interactions with other species and the environment. Environmental sciences includes a broad range of scientific fields studying the environment and solutions to environmental challenges. Statistical inference and uncertainty estimation are essential for both fields to ensure that appropriate conclusions and decisions can be reached from experiments and observations.

The Environmental and Ecological Statistics group (EnvStat) comprises of people from various backgrounds (e.g., statistics, biology, geography). We work in the departments of Mathematics and Statistics, Biosciences and Environmental Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Our research interests span from the theoretical and computational statistics to applied ecology and environmental risk assessment and management.

Our methodological research topics include hierarchical Bayesian modelling and decision analysis, spatial and spatio-temporal statistics, Gaussian processes, optimal design of observational studies, computational statistics and machine learning. Our ecological and environmental research includes, among others, species distribution modeling (e.g., VELMU project), population and fisheries management, uncertainty assessment and data fusion with environmental simulators and environmental management and risk assessment problems related to Arctic shipping and oil transportation (CEARCTIC).

Group leader, Principal investigator

  • Jarno Vanhatalo

Group members

  • Jia Liu (post-doctoral researcher)
  • Maisa Nevalainen (PhD student)
  • Marcelo Hartmann (PhD student)
  • Jussi Mäkinen (PhD student)
  • Torsti Schulz (PhD student, co-supervised by Marjo Saastamoinen)
  • Mikko Kotilainen (PhD student, Co-supervised by Pentti Kujala, affiliated in Aalto University)

Former group members

  • MSc. Lauri Ronkainen
  • Anja Wilken

Open positions

  • Masters thesis projects related to Gaussian processes, species distribution modeling, spatial(-temporal) statistics, population modeling etc. Ask for more information.

Our research is funded by

Academy of Finland University of Helsinki Lloyds Research Foundation