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Other linguistic lists:


In Finland
Finno-Ugrian languages as a special subject can be studied at the universities of In addition to these, Estonian and Hungarian are also taught at the Departments of Finnish in In Finland, Finnish is taught at the universities of
Foreign universities
Discover Finland, a new website on studying Finnish and/or in Finland, now has an updated list of foreign universities teaching Finnish language and culture.

Some universities with Finnish or Finno-Ugrian departments or institutes:

University of Tartu (Estonia): Department of Uralistics
Tallinn Pedagogical University (Estonia): see > Faculties > Faculty of Philology > Dept. of Estonian Philology or Dept. of Nordic Philology
Petrozavodsk, Karelia
Lund, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden (see especially: Dept. of Finnish)
Umeå (Sweden): Department of Saami
Uppsala (Sweden): Finno-Ugrian department
Oslo (Norway)
Tromsø (Norway): Dept. of Finnish and Sámi
Sámi University College, Guovdageaidnu (Norway)
Dept. of Finno-Ugristics, University of Groningen (Netherlands)
Institut für Finno-Ugristik/Uralistik, University of Hamburg (Germany)
Dept. of Finno-Ugristics, University of Munich (Germany)
The University of Göttingen (Germany) also has a Dept. of Finno-Ugristics (basic information on main page)
Dept. of Finno-Ugristics, University of Vienna (Austria)
Dept. of Finno-Ugristics, Charles University of Prague (Czech Rep.)
Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary): Finno-Ugric Dept.
József Attila University (Szeged, Hungary): Finno-Ugric Department
Janus Pannonius University (Pécs, Hungary): Finno-Ugric Dept.
Kossuth Lajos University, Finno-Ugrian Dept. (Debrecen, Hungary)
University of Miskolc (Hungary): Dept. of Hungarian
Berzsenyi Dániel Tanárképzõ Fõiskola (Szombathely, Hungary): Dept. of Uralistics
Syktyvkar State University
Komi Pedagogical Institute, Syktyvkar
Udmurt State University (Izhevsk), Department of Udmurt Philology
Finnish at the University of Oregon: Dept. of Germanic languages and literatures
University of Washington, Dept. of Scandinavian Studies

Research institutes


Projects, materials and corpora


Other linguistic links


Linguistic and scholarly societies
Societies and institutes promoting Finno-Ugrian cultural relationships


Other WWW links to Finno-Ugrian nations and countries

First some all-Uralic link collections, then nation-wide link pages in the traditional Finnocentric order: Finnish - other Finnic languages - Saami - Mordvin - Mari - Komi - Udmurt - Hungarian - Ob-Ugrian - Samoyed.

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