GEOMETRIC ALGEBRA of one and many multivector variables


    Janne Pesonen

    200+ pp DIN-A-4 with N figures and NN solved problems.
    ISBN: NN

The lecture notes GEOMETRIC ALGEBRA of one and many multivector variables are used in the course on geometric algebra, which I lecture in the fall 2004. New lecture notes will be added to this page during the course, chapter by chapter. Old chapters can also be updated. To allow the reader to keep track of the changes, revision dates are given after the title of the chapter. Questions and remarks, including reporting substantial errors as well as spelling errors and other obvious misprints, should be addressed to the author. Please cite the revision date.

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Last updated March 26, 2007


0.      Symbols and notation (October 4, 2004)

1.      Three-dimensional geometric algebra (October 4, 2004)

2.      N-dimensional geometric algebra (November 22, 2004)

3.      Linear transformations (November 24, 2004)

4.      Euclidean geometry (October 26, 2004)

5.      Differential vector calculus (September NN, 2004)

6.      Differential calculus on vector manifold (September NN, 2004)

7.      Differential multivector calculus (September NN, 2004)

8.      Directed integration theory (September NN, 2004)