This slide collection is based on photographs taken during Finnish expeditions to the southern South America in 1969-70 (H. Roivainen), 1989 (S. Stenroos), 1991-92 and 1999 (J. Hyvönen & S. Stenroos). Unfortunately, our slides (ca. 1 000) from the 1986-87 expedition were stolen at Jorge Newbery airport.

In addition to photographs from the area that has traditionally been treated as Patagonia (arid plateau in Argentina on the eastern side of the Andes) there are photos from the Valdivian, Magellan and Fuegian regions both from Argentina and Chile. Pictures are almost exclusively of plants and vegetation but there are some of fungi and animals, as well. Almost all of our own photographs were taken using a 35 mm Canon F-1 camera with Canon lenses and Kodachrome 25 film. The scanning was performed with an Agfa T1200 scanner.

Slides are arranged according to the generic name. In addition, there are miscellaneous pictures of vegetation and landscapes. Educational use of all photographs is encouraged. If you have any inquiries about the photographs, observe mistakes or if you would like to give supplementary info about the organisms presented this would be greatly appreciated. Send your comments by e-mail to or

We hope you will enjoy the scenes from one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

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