Variable stars (53932: 5pts )

Lectures in autumn 2016

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  • Spring 2012
  • Autumn 2014
  • Autumn 2016
  • Previously unpublished photometry of a chromospherically active star is analysed with different period analysis methods. Detailed modelling of the light curves is performed. The following phenomena are studied: activity cycles, active longitudes and differential rotation.

    There are no exams. The students will perform group and/or personal assignments. The number of assignments completed by the student determines the grade received of this course. Basic scientific writing and reading is practiced, as well as the use of references and databases. The aim is to report the results in a refereed paper, where the authors will be all the students that pass the course. The best student will be the main author.

    The following papers have been published by the participants of the previous courses:

    Kahanpää et al. 1999 | Lyytinen et al. 2002 | Kajatkari et al. 2015 | Siltala et al. 2016 |

    The applied period analysis methods are from

    Jetsu \& Pelt (1996) | Jetsu \& Pelt (1999) | Lehtinen et al. (2011) |

    Here are the lecture notes

    ps-file format | pdf-file format |

    Exercise 1: Model files mentioned in the lecture notes can be copied from below

    model.tex | model.bib | aa.bst | aa.cls | natbib.sty| version24082016.tex| hd8357.bib|

    These databases mentioned in the lecture notes are used, especially during Exercise 1: |ADS| Simbad|

    Exercise 2: The data file mentioned in the lecture notes can be copied from here |rawdata.dat|

    Exercises 3, 4, 5, 6: This file | | is analysed in these four exercises. Some help |HELP1.PRO (Idl) |, | (Python) |,