NumLab2013: Instructions for using X

What and why?

When using "graphics programs" (e.g., Emacs, gnuplot & GrADS) in Linux/Unix computers over the network, a so-called X-connection is needed. Otherwise, you won't get your graphical windows opened.

From unix to unix

When taking a ssh-connection from one unix/linux workstation to another, the following is enough:

   ssh -X computername   e.g:   ssh -X

From windows to unix

First log in into a computer. Then look at the All Programs menu and select Xming and finally XLaunch. The program gives some choices in settings, but you can just follow the defaults. XLaunch makes nothing visible, except for leaving an icon on the screen when you start it.

[ NB: The previous description is valid for the Physicum computer classes. If you use your own PC, and don't have Xming or something similar available, you need to find and install the program, for example from here].

Having started XSession, take a Putty connection to the linux computer in which you will be working, e.g. Write the computer name to the Host Name box and then use the mouse to click on SSH and X11 on the left. Insert a cross to the box Enable X11 forwarding. Finally, push the Open button.

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