Funktionaalianalyysin seminaari

Seminar in Functional Analysis

Kari Astala, Hans-Olav Tylli ja Xiao Zhong

torstai/Thursday 12-14 C124 (Exactum, 1. krs.)

Funktionaalianalyysin seminaari kokoontuu perinteiseen tapaan syyslukukaudella 2018. Seminaarin aihepiirissä on monipuolisesti esillä funktionaalianalyysi ja sen sovellukset, erityisesti analyysin kysymyksiin ja inversio-ongelmiin. Aiheista käsitellään sekä ajankohtaisia tutkimusongelmia että yleistajuisia perusasioita ("kaikkien pitäisi tätä ehdottomasti osata").

Seminaariin osallistuva henkilökunta ohjaa (funktionaali)analyysiin ja sen sovelluksiin liittyviä pro graduja, lisensiaattitutkielmia ja väitöskirjoja.

Tervetuloa !

Syksyn 2018 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2018

to 23.8. Antti Perälä (Universitat de Barcelona) A Toeplitz type operator on Hardy spaces of the ball

Kevään 2018 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2018

ti 8.5. joint Geometric and Functional Analysis Seminar 14-16 o'clock Note: exceptional time
Giovanni Cupini (University of Bologna) Everywhere regularity of vectorial minimizers of some non-convex functionals
to 3.5. no seminar meeting of CoE in Analysis and Dynamics
to 26.4. no seminar
to 19.4. Jose Bonet (UP Valencia) part 1: Solid hulls and cores of weighted H^\infty-spaces
part 2: Some results about spaces of Dirichlet series
to 12.4. Jani Virtanen (University of Reading) Asymptotics of Toeplitz determinants and quantum spin chain models
ti 27.3. joint Geometric and Functional Analysis Seminar 14-15 o'clock Note: exceptional time
Andrea Pinamonti (University of Trento) Maximal directional derivatives and universal differentiability sets in Carnot groups
to 22.3. Kirill Cherednichenko (University of Bath) Dispersive effective behaviour of high-contrast periodic media
to 15.3. Xian Liao (University of Bonn) Conserved energies for the one-dimensional Gross-Pitaevskii equation
to 8.3. Hans-Olav Tylli Structural rigidity of generalised Volterra operators on the Hardy spaces H^p
to 1.3. Antti Vähäkangas (Jyväskylä) Self-improvement results for two measure Poincare inequalities
to 22.2. Ville Tengvall (Jyväskylä) Mappings of finite distortion: differentiability and local injectivity
to 15.2. Sergei Nazarov (St. Petersburg) Sharpening and smoothing near-threshold Wood anomalies in acoustic waveguides
to 8.2. Lauri Hitruhin Multifractal spectra and area compression of homeomorphisms with integrable distortion
to 1.2. David Bate Purely unrectifiable metric spaces and perturbations of Lipschitz functions
to 25.1. Petr Chunaev (Barcelona) Singular integral operators whose L^2-boundedness implies rectifiability
to 18.1. Erik Duse An introduction to Clifford analysis with applications to monogenic function spaces and Maxwell's equations
to 11.1. Ignacio Uriarte-Tuero (Michigan State University) Two weight norm inequalities for singular and fractional integration operators on R^n

Syksyn 2017 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2017

to 14.12. Olli Martio Functions of bounded variation
to 7.12. Aleksis Koski (Jyväskylä) Radial symmetry of p-harmonic minimizers
to 30.11. Tuomas Orponen Sharpening Marstrand's projection theorem in R^3
to 23.11. no seminar (conference)
to 16.11. Zhoumin Liu First and second variational analysis of the Burkholder functional
to 2.11. Jeffrey Lindquist Weak capacity in Ahlfors regular metric spaces
to 26.10. Note: two talks joint with Mathematical Physics seminar Note: exceptional times
12.00-12.55 o'clock Charles Newman (Courant Institute) Exponential decay for the near-critical scaling limit of the planar Ising model
13.10-14.05 o'clock Martin Strömqvist (Uppsala University) A method of Dahlberg applied to homogenization of parabolic PDE
to 19.10. Mikko Salo (University of Jyväskylä) The fractional Calderon problem
to 12.10. Pavel Gumenyuk (University of Stavanger) Loewner Theory: recent results and applications
to 5.10. joint Functional Analysis and Geometric Analysis Seminar
Alberto Setti (Universita degli Studi dell'Insubria) Stochastic properties of manifolds with boundary and localized geometric conditions
to 28.9. Jose Bonet (UP Valencia) part 1: The Cesaro operator on weighted Banach spaces of analytic functions
part 2: Integral operators on weighted Banach spaces of entire functions
to 21.9. Shuangjie Peng (Central China Normal University) Local uniqueness and periodicity reduced by concentration
to 14.9. Nicola Fusco (University of Naples Federico II) Stability results for some moving interface problems
ke 16.8. Note exceptional time: 14-16 o'clock room C124
Ruhan Zhao (SUNY Brockport) 1. Korenblum's Maximum Principle for the Bloch space
2. Closures of Hardy and Hardy-Sobolev spaces in the Bloch type space on the unit ball

Kevään 2017 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2017

to 1.6. joint Geometric Analysis and Functional Analysis seminar
Andre de Carvalho (University of Sao Paolo/University of Liverpool) Graph maps, inverse limits and generalized pseudo-Anosov flows
to 11.5. Smiljana Jaksic (University of Belgrade) Spaces of ultradistributions with applications to pseudo-differential operators
to 4.5. Note: two talks
12-13 o'clock Shusen Yan (Univ. of New England) Planar Vortex Patch in Incompressible Steady Flow
13-14 o'clock Eva Gallardo-Gutierrez (UCM Madrid) An Insight on the Invariant Subspace Problem
to 27.4. Note: two talks
12-14 C124 Mario Bonk (UCLA) Quasisymmetric rigidity for Sierpinski carpets
14-16 Physicum E205 Sauli Lindberg (ICMAT Madrid) On the Jacobian problem of Coifman, Lions, Meyer and Semmes
to 20.4. Clifford Gilmore Growth rates of frequently hypercyclic harmonic functions
to 6.4. Tuomas Hytönen Matrix weights and the A2 conjecture
to 30.3. Tamas Keleti (Budapest) Hausdorff dimension and Lebesgue measure of unions of sets
to 23.3. Antti Käenmäki Dimension drop and equilibrium states on self-affine sets
to 16.3. Marti Prats (UAM Madrid) Characterisation of stability for planar conductivities
to 9.3. Martin Fuchs (Saarland University) TV-type regularization of images
to 23.2. Shirsho Mukherjee (Jyväskylä) Regularity of quasilinear elliptic equations in the Heisenberg group
to 16.2. Riikka Schroderus On universal operators and examples
to 2.2. Antti Käenmäki Exact dimensionality of self-affine measures and dimension of self-affine sets for fixed translation vectors
to 26.1. Antti Käenmäki Rigidity of quasisymmetric mappings on self-affine carpets

Syksyn 2016 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2016

to 8.12. Tuomas Orponen On the dimension of Furstenberg sets
to 1.12. Lauri Hitruhin On pointwise rotation of mappings with integrable distortion
to 17.11. Paolo Musolino (Padova) Singular perturbation problems in domains with moderately close holes
to 10.11. Erik Duse Boundary behaviour of the asymptotic geometry of interlacing systems
to 3.11. Denis Bonheure (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles) Some questions arising from the nonlinear theory of electromagnetism of Born and Infeld
to 27.10. Jani Onninen (Jyväskylä) How did I meet Ball&Evans
to 20.10. no seminar talk by Mike Kosterlitz at 13:15, Exactum A111
to 13.10. Aristomenis Siskakis (Thessaloniki) Lipschitz conditions and composition semigroups
to 6.10. Ville Turunen (Aalto University) Quantizations and time-frequency transforms
to 29.9. Riikka Schroderus Spectra of linear fractional composition operators on the Hardy and weighted Bergman spaces of the half-plane
to 15.9. David Bate The Besicovitch-Federer projection theorem in infinite dimensional spaces
to 8.9. Pekka Pankka Free vs. locally free Kleinian groups

Kevään 2016 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2016

to 19.5. Michael Björklund (Chalmers) Sturm und Rang
to 28.4. Xiao Zhong (Jyväskylä) Quasilinear elliptic equations in the Heisenberg group
to 21.4. Antti Vähäkangas (Jyväskylä) Local Hardy inequalities and self-improvement of uniform fatness
ti 12.4. joint with Seminar in Geometric Analysis; note exceptional time and place: Tuesday 14-16 o'clock, B121
Riikka Schroderus Spectra of linear fractional composition operators on weighted Dirichlet spaces
to 7.4. Helene Bommier-Hato (Aix-Marseille Univ.) Products of Toeplitz operators and Sarason's conjecture on weighted Fock spaces (joint work with E.H. Youssfi and K. Zhu)
to 31.3. Tuomas Sahlsten (Bristol) Quantum ergodicity, Benjamini-Schramm convergence and wave propagation
to 17.3. no seminar (Nordic Congress of Mathematicians)
to 3.3. Oleg Ivrii On Makarov's principle in conformal mapping
to 25.2. Clifford Gilmore Dynamics of derivations
to 18.2. Istvan Prause Quasidisks and twisting of the Riemann map
to 11.2. Jari Taskinen Solid hull of spaces of entire functions with non-doubling weights
to 4.2. Sergei Nazarov (St. Petersburg) Wandering eigenvalues of the Laplacian and unconventional Robin conditions
to 28.1. Lauri Hitruhin On point-wise rotation for mappings of exponential distortion

Syksyn 2015 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2015

to 10.12. no seminar Quasiweekend II
ke 9.12. Note exceptional time and place: Wednesday 11.00-12 o'clock, C124
Irina Arevalo (U. Autonoma Madrid) Semigroups of composition operators and Volterra operators on mixed norm spaces
to 3.12. Abel Farkas (Oulu) Self-similar sets without separation conditions
to 26.11. Santeri Miihkinen Strict Singularity of Analytic Volterra Operator on H^p
to 19.11. Antti Perälä Berezin transform and Toeplitz operators
to 12.11. Yi Zhang (Jyväskylä) Sobolev extension domains
to 5.11. Daniel Seco (UA Barcelona) Cyclicity vs. orthogonal polynomials
to 29.10. Petri Ola Anomalous Localized Resonance and Exterior Cloaking
to 22.10. Jarmo Jääskeläinen Nonlinear Beltrami equations and positive Jacobians
to 15.10. Fedor Bakharev (St. Petersburg) Spectra of three-dimensional cruciform and lattice quantum waveguides
to 8.10. Hans-Olav Tylli Lineability, spaceability and strange embeddings into C(0,1)
to 17.9. Tuomas Orponen On projections and polynomials
to 20.8. joint Harmonic and Functional Analysis seminar
Carlos Perez (University of the Basque Country) Multilinear Calderon-Zygmund theory
to 13.8. Victor Ivrii (Toronto) Asymptotics of the ground state energy and related topics for heavy atoms and molecules

Kevään 2015 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2015

to 2.7 Note exceptional time and place: Thursday 13-14 o'clock, C124
Aimo Hinkkanen (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign) Another look at complex dilatation
pe 29.5. Note exceptional time and place: Friday 14-16 o'clock, B322
Riikka Schroderus Spectra of linear fractional composition operators on weighted Hardy spaces
pe 22.5. Note exceptional time and place: Friday 14-16 o'clock, B322
Hans-Olav Tylli Rigidity of composition operators on Hardy spaces
to 9.4. Tuomas Sahlsten (Jerusalem) Fourier series of singular functions
to 26.3. Sean Li (Chicago) Characterizations of rectifiable metric measure spaces
to 26.2. Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis (Padova) A functional analytic approach to homogenization problems
to 19.2. Jussi Laitila Essential norm estimates for weighted composition operators on BMOA
to 5.2. Kenneth Falconer (St Andrews) Self-similar Fractals: Projections, Sections and Percolation
to 29.1. Hans-Olav Tylli Cyclicity and hypercyclicity of composition operators

Syksyn 2014 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2014

to 18.12. joint Functional Analysis and Mathematical Logic seminar Note exceptional time: Thursday 14-15 o'clock, C124
Boban Velickovic (Univ. Paris 6) Open Coloring Axiom for analysts
to 27.11. Santeri Miihkinen Essential norms of Volterra-type integral operator on weighted Bergman spaces
to 20.11 Antti Perälä Asymptotic variance of the Beurling transform II
to 13.11 Fedor Bakharev (St Petersburg) Gaps in the spectrum of a waveguide composed of domain with different limiting dimensions
to 23.10 Björn Ivarsson (Aalto) On the effective version of Gromov's Vaserstein problem
to 9.10 Tomas Soto Triebel-Lizorkin spaces via hyperbolic fillings. Part II: Complex interpolation
to 2.10 Pekka Nieminen The linear-fractional model and Clark measures
to 4.9. no seminar Analysis and Dynamics Days 2014
to 14.8. Victor Ivrii (Toronto) 100 years of Weyl's Law

Kevään 2014 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2014

ke 28.5. joint Functional and Geometric Analysis seminar Note exceptional time and place: Wednesday 12-14 o'clock, room C124
Jeremy Tyson (Urbana-Champaign) Density of Lipschitz maps in Sobolev spaces with Heisenberg group target
to 24.4. Xiangyu Liang (Warwick) Plateau's problem, Minimal sets and Classification of singularities
to 10.4. Eero Saksman Introduction to quasi-crystals II: some easy proofs
to 3.4. Antti Vähäkangas Local maximal operators on fractional Sobolev spaces
to 27.3. Luis Vega (BCAM Bilbao) The evolution of vortex filaments with corners
to 20.3. Eero Saksman Elementary introduction to Quasi-crystals
to 13.3. Tadeusz Iwaniec Interpenetration of Matter versus Lagrange equation
to 6.3. no seminar Department Recreation Day
to 27.2. Hans-Olav Tylli Banach spaces without the approximation property: a pedestrian view
to 20.2. Sergey Nazarov (St. Petersburg) Dimension reduction  for quantum waveguides: Which transmission conditions are asymptotically correct?
to 13.2. Evgeny Lakshtanov (Univ. Aveiro) Sharp Weyl Law for Signed Counting Function of Positive Interior Transmission Eigenvalues
to 6.2. Mikko Salo (Jyväskylä) Generalized Beurling transforms
to 30.1. Miren Zubeldia The Robin problem for the Schrödinger equation in a half-space
to 23.1. Aleksis Koski Subharmonicity results for energy-minimal mappings
to 16.1. Isabelle Chalendar (Univ. Lyon I) Inner functions and operator theory
ke 15.1. joint Functional and Harmonic Analysis seminar Note exceptional time and place: Wednesday 12-14 o'clock, room C123
Michele Miranda Jr. (Univ. Ferrara) Recent results on sets with finite perimeter in Wiener space

Syksyn 2013 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2013

to 5.12. Yashar Memarian The Gaussian Correlation Conjecture Proof
to 28.11. Jani Lukkarinen Wigner functions and energy transport by wave equations
to 21.11. Hans-Olav Tylli Isometries on Banach spaces are never supercyclic (following Ansari and Bourdon)
to 14.11. Esa Vesalainen Rellich Type Theorems for Unbounded Domains
to 7.11. Cliff Gilmore Hypercyclicity properties of commutators
to 31.10. Eemeli Blåsten Corners always scatter, II
to 24.10. Mikko Kemppainen Gaussian Hardy spaces and beyond
to 17.10. Congwen Liu (Univ. Science and Technology of China) Sharp Forelli-Rudin estimates and the norm of the Bergman projection
to 10.10. Lassi Päivärinta Corners always scatter, I
to 3.10. Istvan Prause Bilipschitz maps, logarithmic spirals and complex interpolation
to 26.9. Antti Vähäkangas Inequalities for fractional Sobolev spaces on domains
to 19.9. Ville Turunen (Aalto) Properties and computations of Born-Jordan related time-frequency distributions
to 12.9. no seminar Reminder: Inaugural FiDiPro-lecture by Gunther Uhlmann (2.00 o'clock, Lars Ahlfors Auditorium)
Inverse Problems: Making the Invisible Visible and the Visible Unvisible

Kevään 2013 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2013

to 16.5. joint with Finnish Mathematical Society note: exceptional time 12-13 o'clock
Jose Bonet (UP Valencia) Operators of differentiation and integration on weighted Banach spaces of entire functions
6.5.-10.5. Minicourses Two minicourses on Operator Theory and Complex Analysis
to 2.5. Miika Nikula Random entire functions are frequently hypercyclic for the differentiation operator
to 25.4. no seminar
to 18.4. Wolfgang Lusky (Paderborn) On weighted spaces of holomorphic functions on the upper half plane
to 4.4. Tadeusz Iwaniec L^p-theory of nonlinear PDEs
to 21.3. Pekka Pankka Rickman's Picard construction in all dimensions I: introduction
to 14.3. Antti Perälä Bloch space and the norm of the Bergman projection
to 7.3. Workshop (5.3.-7.3.) Mathematical Methods for Spectral Problems
to 28.2. Aleksis Koski On Second Order Beltrami Systems
to 21.2. Jani Onninen (Syracuse) Beyond the Riemann Mapping Problem
to 14.2. joint Functional Analysis, Geometric Analysis and Aalto Geometry and Analysis Seminar
Luca Capogna (U. Arkansas) Regularity for subelliptic PDE through uniform estimates in multi-scale geometries
to 7.2. David Preiss (Warwick) Differentiability of Lipschitz functions and porous sets in Banach spaces
to 31.1. Andoni Garcia Reconstruction from boundary measurements for less regular conductivities
to 24.1. Jouni Rättyä (Joensuu) Weighted Bergman spaces induced by rapidly increasing weights
to 17.1. Antti Vähäkangas On extension problem for Triebel-Lizorkin functions

Syksyn 2012 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2012

to 13.12. Mikko Parviainen (Jyväskylä) Parabolic irregular obstacle problem
to 29.11. Spyridon Dendrinos On mapping properties of the restricted X-ray transform
to 22.11. Tuomas Sahlsten Arithmetic dynamics of the beta-transformation
to 15.11. Jukka Kauppi (Oulu) C*-Segal algebras with order unit
to 8.11. Gaven Martin (Massey University) Quasiconformal maps and Bernstein Rigidity
to 1.11. Jussi Väisälä Tasavälijoukot normiavaruudessa (talk in Finnish)
to 25.10. no seminar Department Recreational Day
ke 17.10. 14-16 o'clock, B120 Note: exceptional time and place
Liliana Borcea (Rice University) Imaging with waves in random media
to 11.10. Evgeny Lakshtanov (U. Aveiro) Interior Transmission Eigenvalue Problem
to 4.10. Dima Arov (Odessa) J-contractive matrix-valued functions with applications to analysis and prediction problem
to 27.9. Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis (U. Padova) Simple eigenvalues for the Steklov problem in a domain with a small hole. A functional analytic approach (joint work with Serhii Gryshchuk)
to 20.9. Pekka Pankka Distributional limits of some manifolds and graphs
to 13.9. Matti Määttä Mathematical modelling of the hearing
ti 28.8 Note: exceptional time 12-14 o'clock, C124
Takuya Hosokawa (Ibaraki Univ.) Differences of weighted composition operators between H^\infty and the Bloch spaces

Kevään 2012 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2012

to 10.5. Three minicourses on Operator Theory (7.5.-11.5) Invariant subspaces, composition operators and linear dynamics
to 3.5. Jasun Gong (Aalto) A Characterisation of Flatness for Currents in the Plane
to 19.4. Vesselin Petkov (Univ. Bordeaux I) Scattering problems for symmetric systems with dissipative boundary conditions
to 29.3. Olof Staffans (Åbo) Passive Scattering Systems
to 22.3. Kari Vilonen (Northwestern Univ.) Nuclearity and finiteness theorems in complex analysis, I
to 15.3. Antti Perälä The index formula of Douglas for block Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space of the ball
to 8.3. no seminar
to 1.3. Pekka Nieminen Gaussian free field and Hadamard's variational formula, II
to 23.2. Olavi Nevanlinna (Aalto Univ.) Multicentric holomorphic calculus: what and why?
to 16.2. Tadeusz Iwaniec A New Geometric Approach to Lipschitz Regularity in the Theory of Nonlinear PDEs (Motto: if an equation is given a nice family of solutions then, most likely, every other solution is also nice)
to 9.2. joint with the Aalto Seminar in Analysis and Geometry (Kinnunen-Peltonen) Note: talk is in C124 (Exactum, Kumpula)
Urs Lang (ETH Zurich) Injective hulls of metric spaces: old and new
to 2.2. Pekka Nieminen Gaussian free field and Hadamard's variational formula, I
to 26.1. William Meyerson Analysis on the Grushin plane: Lipschitz and quasisymmetric maps
to 19.1. Aleksis Koski On the invertibility of Beltrami type operators

Syksyn 2011 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2011

to 15.12. Erno Saukko (Oulu) On composition operators and their differences in Hardy and Bergman spaces
to 8.12. Vasileios Chousionis (Barcelona) Calderon-Zygmund kernels in the plane, rectifiability and capacities
to 1.12. Carlos Perez (Universidad de Sevilla) Quadratic and subexponential decay estimates for commutators of singular integral operators
to 24.11. Vladimir Kozlov (Linköping) On the Hadamard formula for second order equations in non-smooth domains
to 17.11. Miren Zubeldia (Bilbao) Limiting absorption principle and applications for Helmholtz equation with magnetic potential
to 10.11. Sergey Nazarov (St. Petersburg) Spectral gaps in dirty media
to 3.11. Andoni Garcia Electromagnetic Schrödinger Hamiltonians
to 27.10. Gunther Uhlmann (UC Irvine and Univ. Washington) Photoacoustic and Thermoacoustic Tomography
to 20.10. Jim Brennan (Univ. Kentucky) Peak points, analytic capacity and holomorphic approximation
to 13.10. Henri Martikainen On the dyadic structure and boundedness of some singular integrals
to 6.10. Pedro Caro On stability for an inverse boundary value problem
to 29.9. Valery Serov (Oulu) Transmission eigenvalues for degenerate and singular cases
to 22.9. Marianna Khanamiryan (Cambridge) Numerical Analysis of High Frequency Oscillation
to 15.9. Ville Turunen (Aalto) Sharp Gårding inequality on compact Lie groups
to 18.8. C124 klo 12-14 Cao Daomin (Academia Sinica, Beijing) Existence of infinitely many solutions for a p-Laplace equation

Kevään 2011 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2011

Please note two talks joint with seminar in Mathematical Physics and CoE in Analysis and Dynamics
ke 1.6. C123 klo 14-16 Antonio Cordoba (Univ. Autonoma Madrid) Integral inequalities for singular integrals and formation of singularities in transport equations
ma 30.5. C123 klo 14-16 Antonio Cordoba (Univ. Autonoma Madrid) Porous media: the Muskat and Hele-Shaw problems
to 26.5. Ville Suomala (Oulu) On the projections of random fractal measures
ti 24.5. note: extra seminar talk 12-14 o'clock, C124
Martin Dindos (Edinburgh) L^p and BMO solvability of general divergence-form elliptic equations
to 19.5. Gaven Martin (Massey Univ.) Harmonic mappings and nonlinear Beltrami equations
to 12.5. Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen On short exponential sums involving Fourier coefficients of cusp forms
to 28.4. Tuomas Hytönen Beyond the A_2 theorem for weighted singular integrals
to 14.4. Antti Vähäkangas Traces of Triebel-Lizorkin functions on Ahlfors regular sets
to 7.4. joint with Seminar in Geometric Analysis
Nageswari Shanmugalingam (Cincinnati) De Giorgi measures and 1-capacity
to 31.3. Jarmo Jääskeläinen Uniqueness in non-linear Beltrami equations
to 24.3. Mikko Salo Inverse scattering on Riemann surfaces
to 17.3. Tadeusz Iwaniec Existence of energy-minimal diffeomorphisms between doubly-connected domains (joint work with Koh, Kovalev and Onninen)
to 10.3. Samuli Siltanen Inverse scattering transform for the Novikov-Veselov equation
to 3.3. Jan Cristina Hopf-Laplace equation, part I
to 24.2. Santeri Miihkinen Weak compactness of Volterra type integral operators
to 17.2. Garth Dales (Leeds) Multi-norms and the injectivity of L^p(G)
to 10.2. Pertti Mattila Singular integrals on subsets of Heisenberg groups
to 3.2. Sergey Nazarov (St. Petersburg) Discrete spectrum of T-shaped quantum waveguides
to 27.1. Tadeusz Iwaniec Approximation of Sobolev homeomorphisms by diffeomorphisms (report on joint work with Kovalev and Onninen)
to 20.1. Elizabeth Wulcan (Chalmers) Residue currents and effective polynomial ideal membership problems

Syksyn 2010 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2010

to 2.12. Jari Taskinen Toeplitz-operators on Bergman spaces and Hardy multipliers
to 25.11. Mikko Kemppainen Vector-valued Carleson's embedding and Banach space geometry
to 4.11. Jarno Talponen (Aalto) Convexity properties of quasihyperbolic metrics on Banach spaces
to 28.10. Workshop and minicourses (25.10.-29.10) Operator Theory and Analytic Function Spaces
to 21.10. Intensive course by Michael Lacey (18.10.-22.10.) An Introduction to Non-Homogeneous Harmonic Analysis
to 14.10. Hans-Olav Tylli Gentle introduction to frames in Hilbert spaces and Feichtinger's conjecture
to 7.10. Tuomas Hytönen The sharp norm bound for singular integrals in weighted spaces, II
to 23.9. Eero Saksman On frequently hypercyclic operators
to 16.9. Antti Perälä Toeplitz operators with distributional symbols on Fock spaces
to 9.9. Pekka Pankka Energy and degree
to 19.8. Note: two seminar lectures
klo 12-13 Jan van Neerven (Technische Universiteit Delft) On the rate of convergence of a Lie-Trotter approximation scheme for stochastic evolution equations
klo 13-14 Mark Veraar (Technische Universiteit Delft) Stochastic maximal regularity

Kevään 2010 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2010

to 1.7. Joint Functional Analysis and Geometry Seminar starting 14:15 U322 (at Aalto University, Otakaari 1M), coffee 13:30 U324
Gaven Martin (Massey University) Mappings of finite distortion and Teichmüller spaces
to 6.5. Lauri Oksanen A non-overdetermined inverse problem for the wave equation
to 22.4. extra seminar lecture
Mikhail Sodin (Tel Aviv) Weighted exponential approximation and non-classical orthogonal spectral measures
to 15.4. intensive course by Mikhail Sodin (12.4.-16.4.)
Random complex zeroes and random nodal lines
to 8.4. Stanislav Hencl (Charles Univ., Prague) Sobolev homeomorphisms with zero Jacobian almost everywhere
to 25.3. Niko Marola Quasiconformality, homeomorphisms preserving quasiminimizers, and uniform density property
to 18.3. Istvan Prause Pick-Nevanlinna interpolation in the bidisk
to 11.3. Michael Hitrik (UCLA) Bohr-Sommerfeld rules and counting estimates for non-selfadjoint operators
to 4.3. Wolfgang Lusky (Paderborn) Weighted spaces of holomorphic functions on the upper halfplane
to 25.2. Eckhard Hitzer (Fukui Univ.) Clifford Fourier and Clifford wavelet transformations
to 18.2. Henri Martikainen Non-homogeneous Tb theorem and random dyadic cubes on metric measure spaces
to 11.2. joint seminar of Functional Analysis and Stochastics
Christophe Andrieu (Bristol) On some recurrence properties of stochastic approximation with Markovian dynamic and applications
to 4.2. Hans-Olav Tylli Solution of the scalar-plus-compact problem by Argyros and Haydon
to 28.1. Håkan Hedenmalm (KTH, Stockholm) The Beurling operator for the hyperbolic plane
to 21.1. Eero Saksman Introduction to Kahane's ultraflat polynomials
to 7.1. Sari Lasanen (Oulu) On essentially unique solvability of statistical inverse problems

Syksyn 2009 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2009

to 10.12. Valeri Serov (Oulu) Diamagnetic inequality and its applications
to 3.12. Mikko Salo Inverse problems for the anisotropic Maxwell equations
to 26.11. Slawomir Kolasinski On regularity of H-systems
to 19.11. Pekka Nieminen Compact and weakly compact composition operators on BMOA
to 12.11. Antti Perälä Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces with distribution symbols
to 5.11. Colin Guillarmou (Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis) Inverse problems on a Riemann surface
to 29.10. Martin Reimann (Bern) Hearing with holomorphic functions
to 22.10. Tadeusz Iwaniec Nitsche conjecture: completion of the proof
to 15.10. Mikko Kemppainen A maximal operator for vector-valued functions
to 8.10. seminaarin tilalla klo 13-14 B123 inaugural lecture by FiDi-Professor
Tadeusz Iwaniec Current Advances and Novel Perspectives for Geometry and Nonlinear Analysis
to 1.10. Tadeusz Iwaniec Nitsche conjecture, II
to 24.9. Tom Körner (Cambridge) Does order matter (when summing a Fourier series or related ones)?
to 17.9. seminaari ei kokoonnu Short course by Tom Körner (8.9.-18.9.)
Baire Category and Probabilistic Methods in Analysis
to 10.9. Tadeusz Iwaniec Nitsche conjecture

Kevään 2009 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2009

to 30.4. seminaari ei kokoonnu
to 23.4. Nuutti Hyvönen (TKK) An inverse backscattering problem in electric impedance tomography
to 16.4. seminaari ei kokoonnu
to 2.4. Antti Vähäkangas Weakly singular integral operators on domains
to 26.3. D122 (Note: change of lecture room)
Michael Hitrik (UCLA) Spectra for non-selfadjoint operators in the semiclassical limit
to 19.3. Mario Bonk (U. Michigan, Ann Arbor) Transboundary modulus
to 12.3. Pekka Nieminen Pseudo-integral operators and compact approximation in L^1
to 5.3. Daniel Meyer Snowballs are quasiballs
to 26.2. Albert Clop (UA Barcelona and Helsinki) Injectivity results for solutions to nonlinear elliptic PDEs
to 19.2. Jarno Talponen Special symmetries of Banach spaces and ultratechniques
to 12.2. Jari Taskinen Boundedness of Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces
to 5.2. Sergey Nazarov (St. Petersburg) Gaps in the continuous spectrum of periodic waveguides
to 29.1. Katya Krupchyk Inverse spectral problems with data on a hypersurface
to 22.1. Hans-Olav Tylli Operator-weighted composition operators
to 15.1. joint with Finnish Math Society
Daniel Suarez (UA Barcelona) The eigenvalues of radial operators in the Toeplitz algebra

Syksyn 2008 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2008

to 11.12. Eero Saksman On random quasiconformal maps, part III
to 4.12. James Gill (St. Louis) Inverses of exponential distortion map and sub-exponential distortion
to 27.11. Pirita Paajanen Dirichlet series arising from group theory and p-adic analysis
to 20.11. Tuomas Hytönen The nonhomogeneous Tb theorem, II
to 13.11. Hans-Olav Tylli The Kadison-Singer extension problem and some equivalent versions
to 6.11. Marta Llorente (UA Madrid and Helsinki) Advantages of the centered Hausdorff measure
to 30.10. seminaari ei kokoonnu Short course by Håkan Hedenmalm (27.10.-30.10.)
Berezin transform in polynomial Bergman spaces and fluctuations of eigenvalues of random normal matrices
to 23.10. Alfonso Montes-Rodriguez (Sevilla) The lattice of parabolic non-automorphism composition operators on spaces of analytic functions
to 16.10. Tuomas Hytönen The nonhomogeneous Tb theorem
to 9.10. Petri Ola Partial data inverse problem for Maxwell-equations
to 2.10. Daniel Faraco (UA Madrid and Helsinki) Quasiconformal mappings and the Tartar conjecture, II
to 25.9. Daniel Faraco (UA Madrid and Helsinki) Quasiconformal mappings and the Tartar conjecture
to 18.9. Kari Astala Bukhgeim's theorem: the Dirichlet-Neumann operator in 2-D determines a Schroedinger potential at fixed energy, II
to 11.9. Kari Astala Bukhgeim's theorem: the Dirichlet-Neumann operator in 2-D determines a Schroedinger potential at fixed energy
to 4.9. seminaari ei kokoonnu Conference on Numerical Matrix Analysis and Operator Theory (TKK, 3.9. - 5.9.)

Kevään 2008 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2008

to 15.5. Nikolai Vasilevski (CIEA, Mexico) Toeplitz operators with piece-wise continuous symbols on the Bergman space
to 8.5. seminaari ei kokoonnu
to 24.4. Leo Tzou (Stanford) Recovering Multiple Coefficients from Boundary Data
to 17.4. Tuomas Hytönen On the norm of the Beurling-Ahlfors operator in several dimensions
to 10.4. Francesco Serra Cassano (Trento) The Bernstein problem for intrinsic graphs in Heisenberg groups
to 3.4. David Dos Santos Ferreira (Univ. Paris 13) Modified L^p Carleman estimates and unique continuation for partially elliptic operators
to 27.3. talk cancelled!
Andrey Osipov (Moscow) On an identity of G. Boole and its applications to spectral theory
to 13.3. Mark Veraar (Universität Karlsruhe) Non-autonomous stochastic evolution equations and applications to stochastic partial differential equations
to 6.3. Jani Virtanen Spectral theory of Toeplitz operators on Hardy spaces
to 28.2. Marko Huhtanen (TKK) Matrix nearness and factorization problems
to 21.2. seminaari ei kokoonnu
to 14.2. Eva Gallardo-Gutierrez (Zaragoza) Invariant subspaces for translation, dilation and multiplication semigroups
to 7.2. Eero Saksman On the component problem for composition operators on H^2
to 31.1. Mikko Salo Perelman's proof of the Poincaré conjecture
to 24.1. Jarno Talponen Rotations of Lebesgue-Bochner spaces
to 17.1. Kari Astala Optimal regularity for mappings of exponential distortion

Syksyn 2007 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2007

to 20.12. Miguel Ballesteros High-velocity estimates for the scattering operator and Aharonov-Bohm effect in three dimensions
to 29.11. Brett D. Wick (Univ. South Carolina) Analytic Projections, the Corona Problem and the Geometry of Holomorphic Vector Bundles
to 22.11. Jari Taskinen Toeplitz and Hankel operators on the Bergman space A^1
to 15.11. Mikko Salo Carleman estimates and the anisotropic Calderón problem
to 8.11. Simopekka Vänskä Boundary value problems for the Beltrami system
to 1.11. Ricardo Weder Inverse scattering at fixed energy
to 25.10. ei seminaaria (väliviikko)
to 18.10. Hans-Olav Tylli Weakly compact approximation in Hardy space H^1
to 11.10. Tuomas Hytönen Kato's square root problem in Banach spaces: martingales and maximal functions, II
to 4.10. Tuomas Hytönen Kato's square root problem in Banach spaces: martingales and maximal functions
to 27.9. Hadi Jorati Singular kernels adapted to curved flags
to 20.9. two talks: 12.15-13.00 and 13.15-14.00 o'clock
Uwe Kähler (Univ. Aveiro) Clifford analysis and analytic signals
Paula Cerejeiras (Univ. Aveiro) The Hilbert-Huang transform
to 13.9. Jorma Arhippainen (Oulu) On a generalization of Gelfand representation of Banach algebras
to 6.9. Jorge Galindo (Univ. Jaume I, Castellon) Representing topological groups as groups of isometries
to 30.8. Hyeonbae Kang (Seoul National University) Small inclusion imaging and the Polya-Szegö conjecture
ke 29.8. ko 12-14 C124 Huom.: poikkeava aika
Cornelia Kaiser (Universität Karlsruhe) Quadratic estimates for families of convolution operators and the wavelet transform
pe 17.8. klo 12-14 C124 Huom.: poikkeava aika
Pierre Portal (Univ. Lille 1) Kato's square root problem in Banach spaces

Kevään 2007 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2007

ti 19.6. klo 12-14 C123 Huom.: poikkeava aika
Petros Galanopoulos (Univ. Crete) Composition operators acting on the weighted Bloch space $B_{log}$
to 14.6. C123 Rakesh (Delaware) Inverse problems for layered mediums with point sources
to 7.6. C123 David Colton (Delaware) Transmission eigenvalue and the inverse scattering problem
to 31.5. C323 Martin Reimann (Bern) The uncertainty principle in the affine group
ke 16.5. klo 14-16 C323 joint with Geometric Analysis Seminar (Huom.: aika ja paikka)
Andreas Axelsson (Stockholm) Functional calculus of Dirac operators and complex perturbations of Neumann and Dirichlet problems
pe 11.5. klo 13-14 C124 joint with Geometric Analysis Seminar (Huom.: kaksi esitelmää!)
Dimitri Burago (Penn State) On boundary rigidity
pe 11.5. klo 14-16 C124
Gian Paolo Leonardi (Modena) Regularity of abnormal geodesics in sub-Riemannian geometry
to 10.5. Albrecht Böttcher (TU Chemnitz) Asymptotic linear algebra illustrated with Toeplitz matrices
to 3.5. Hans-Olav Tylli Composition operators from weak to strong spaces of analytic functions
to 26.4. Pekka Nieminen Compact differences of composition operators on Bloch and Lipschitz spaces
to 19.4. Matti Lassas (TKK) Inverse problems and invisibility cloaking
to 12.4. Janne Pesonen 1. Clifford algebra in chemistry: Mathematics of molecular hamiltonians
2. Clifford algebra in synthetic plane geometry
to 29.3. Jussi Laitila Isometric composition operators on BMOA
to 22.3. Serban Costea Scaling invariant Sobolev-Lorentz capacity in R^n (updated)
ke 21.3. klo 10-12 D123 Huom.: poikkeava aika ja paikka!
Wolfgang Lusky (Paderborn) On Toeplitz operators on weighted spaces of holomorphic functions
to 15.3. Leo Tzou (Univ. Washington, Seattle) A variational principle for dissipative and non-Euler-Lagrange equations
to 8.3. seminaari ei kokoonnu
to 1.3. Lauri Ylinen Two-dimensional tomography with unknown view angles
to 22.2. Robert Service The Maurey-Rosenthal space and maximally conditional subsequences, II
to 15.2. Robert Service The Maurey-Rosenthal space and maximally conditional subsequences
to 8.2. Artur Nicolau (Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona) Interpolation by positive harmonic functions
to 1.2. Sergey Nazarov (St. Petersburg) Asymptotics of eigenvalues of the Laplace equation with the Steklov conditions in a peak domain
to 25.1. joint with Geometric Analysis Seminar
Juha Heinonen (Ann Arbor) Smoothability of Lipschitz manifolds
to 18.1. Jaroslav Zemanek (PAN, Warsaw) On the powers and resolvents of linear operators

Syksyn 2006 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2006

to 14.12. seminaari ei kokoonnu (Inversiopäivät TTY)
to 7.12. seminaari ei kokoonnu
to 30.11. Lassi Päivärinta Scattering amplitude and interior transmission problem
to 23.11. Pertti Mattila Convergence and boundedness of singular integrals with general measures
to 16.11. Jani Virtanen Norms of Toeplitz matrices with Fisher-Hartwig singularities
to 9.11. Mats Gyllenberg Adjoint semigroups and abstract integral equations II
to 2.11. Mats Gyllenberg Adjoint semigroups and abstract integral equations I
to 26.10. Jari Taskinen Bergman-type projections and weighted sup-norms
to 19.10. Hans-Olav Tylli Factorization of operators on L^p and weakly compact multipliers
to 12.10. Lasse Lamberg Tomografia-ongelma: kuvaussuunnat? (osa II)
to 5.10. Lasse Lamberg Tomografia-ongelma: kuvaussuunnat? (osa I)
to 28.9. Pekka Nieminen Composition operators on small spaces: some observations
to 21.9. seminaari ei kokoonnu (huippuyksikköhakemuksen site-vierailu)
to 14.9. Tuomas Hytönen Square functions in harmonic and functional analysis
to 7.9. Academician Ludwig Faddeev (Steklov Inst., St. Petersburg) On zero modes of Liouville model

Kevään 2006 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2006

to 18.5. Snezhana Hristova (Plovdiv) Stability and boundedness of the solutions of impulsive differential equations
to 11.5. Bogdan Bojarski (Warsaw) Pointwise characterisation of higher order Sobolev spaces
to 27.4. Petteri Piiroinen Simple proof of the Maharam - von Neumann measurable lifting theorem
to 20.4. Robert Service Almost unconditional subsequences
to 6.4. Kari Astala Pointwise convergence of singular integrals a la Mateau and Verdera
to 30.3. Steffen Rohde (Seattle) SLE and beyond
to 23.3. Mikael Lindström (Åbo) When does the Koenigs eigenfunctions of C_\varphi belong to certain weighted Banach spaces of analytic functions
to 16.3. Jani Virtanen Hankel and Toeplitz operators on H^1
to 9.3. joint with Math. Physics seminar klo 10-12 C123 (Huom.: poikkeava aika ja paikka!)
Stanislav Smirnov (Geneva) Scaling limit of Ising model is SLE(3) and SLE(16/3)
to 2.3. Eero Saksman (Jyväskylä) Beurling-Ahlfors operator and unconditional martingale differences I: Introduction to UMD
to 23.2. Sergey Nazarov (St. Petersburg) Weighted spaces with detached asymptotics and the exterior Navier-Stokes problem
to 16.2. seminaari ei kokoonnu (Kurt Johanssonin tiiviskurssi Random matrices klo 10-12 ja 14-16)
ke 8.2. joint with Math. Physics seminar klo 14-16 C123 (Huom.: poikkeava aika!)
Pekka Pyykkö Quantum chemistry for mathematicians
to 2.2. Mikko Salo Carleman estimates and the Calderon problem with partial data
to 26.1. Saara Lehto Dyadic structures in metric spaces and zero sets for doubling measures
to 19.1. Jussi Laitila Compact composition operators on BMOA

Syksyn 2005 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2005

to 8.12. Pekka Nieminen Weakly compact approximation in L^1 with applications to composition operators
to 1.12. klo 14-16 C124 Huom.: poikkeuksellinen aika
Yaroslav Kurylev (Loughborough Univ.) An inverse problem for the Dirac operators
to 24.11. Andreas Juhl (Humboldt-Univ. Berlin and Uppsala) From automorphic distributions for Kleinian groups to Branson's Q-curvature
to 17.11. Robert Service Gowers' dichotomy theorem II
to 10.11. Jani Virtanen (Univ. Crete) Toeplitz operators and their products on Hardy and Bergman spaces
to 3.11. Robert Service Gowers' dichotomy theorem
to 27.10 Hans-Olav Tylli Singer's representation theorem and applications
to 20.10. ei kokoonnu (konferenssi Nonlinear Parabolic Problems TKK:lla)
to 13.10. Tuomas Hytönen (Turku) The vector-valued T(1) theorem
to 6.10. Kenneth Falconer (St. Andrews) Fractal aspects of stochastic processes
to 29.9. Ville Turunen (TKK) A lower bound for the differences of powers of linear operators
to 22.9. Mikko Salo Wave packet methods and hyperbolic equations
to 15.9. Oliver Dragicevic (Ljubljana) L^p-estimates for martingale transforms, singular integrals and applications to quasiconformal mappings

Kevään 2005 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2005

to 12.5. Jarno Talponen The Banach-Mazur rotation problem, II
to 28.4. Jarno Talponen The Banach-Mazur rotation problem
to 21.4. Simopekka Vänskä Beltrami fields inverse obstacle scattering problem
to 14.4. Luigi Greco (Univ. di Napoli) Sharp integrability of non-negative Jacobians
to 7.4. Nuutti Hyvönen Factorization method in diffuse tomography
to 31.3. Kari Astala Nonlinear Fourier transform: the 1-dimensional Plancherel
to 17.3. Andrei Osipov (Moscow) Infinite-dimensional elliptical coordinates
to 10.3. Lassi Päivärinta Nonlinear Fourier transform: the Plancherel formula
to 3.3. Jussi Laitila Strong vs. weak vector-valued Hardy spaces
to 24.2. seminaari ei kokoonnu
to 17.2. Juha-Matti Perkkiö The curvelet transform
to 10.2. Jussi Väisälä Isometries and near-isometries in normed spaces
to 3.2. Hans-Olav Tylli Approximating inverses of elementary operators
to 27.1. Petteri Piiroinen Souslin spaces II
to 20.1. Petteri Piiroinen Souslin spaces

Syksyn 2004 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2004

to 9.12. Jari Taskinen Bloch-to-BMOA composition operators
to 2.12. Xavier Tolsa (Barcelona) L^2 boundedness of the Cauchy transform implies L^2 boundedness of all CZO's with sufficiently smooth odd kernel
to 25.11. Simopekka Vänskä Beltrami fields and scattering II
to 18.11. Simopekka Vänskä Beltrami fields and scattering
to 11.11. Jussi Laitila Composition operators on spaces of harmonic functions and Cauchy transforms
to 4.11. Mats Gyllenberg Functional analysis inspired by problems in biology
to 28.10. Mikko Salo Calderon-Vaillancourt theory and reconstruction of vector fields II
to 21.10. Mikko Salo Calderon-Vaillancourt theory and reconstruction of vector fields
to 14.10. Pekka Nieminen Compact differences of composition operators
to 7.10. Samuli Siltanen (Instrumentarium) Using inverse scattering theory in solving the (2+1)-dimensional KdV-equation
to 30.9. Kari Astala Nonlinear Fourier transform
to 23.9. Hans-Olav Tylli Schatten trace class space and weakly compact approximation
to 16.9. Mikko Kaasalainen Generalized geometric tomography and inverse scattering problems
ti 31.8. klo 12-14 (Huom aika!)
Vladimir Muller (Czech Academy of Sciences) Taylor functional calculus

Kevään 2004 ohjelma / Programme Spring 2004

to 10.6. Mahmoud Filali (Oulu) On weak amenability of the second dual of Banach algebras
to 13.5. Jussi Laitila Vector-valued BMOA and analytic composition operators
to 6.5. Sandy Grabiner (Pomona College) Good properties of convolution algebras on R+
to 29.4. Keijo Ruotsalainen (Oulu) Iteratiivisten dekoodausmenetelmien suppenemisesta
to 22.4. Håkan Hedenmalm (KTH, Stockholm) Branch point area methods in conformal mapping
to 15.4. Jani Virtanen (King's College, London) New results in spectral theory of Toeplitz operators
to 1.4. Mikko Salo Complex geometric optics for nonsmooth operators, II
to 25.3. Mikael Lindström (Åbo) Spectra of composition operators on H^\infty(D)
to 18.3. Mikko Salo Complex geometric optics for nonsmooth operators
to 11.3. Teemu Pennanen (Kauppakorkeakoulu) Variational composition of a monotone operator and a linear mapping with applications to elliptic PDEs with singular coefficients
to 4.3. Daniel Faraco (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig) Counterexamples by geometric decomposition in matrix-spaces
to 26.2. Yaroslav Kurylev (Loughborough Univ.) Index form of geodesics and approximate reconstruction of Riemannian manifolds
to 19.2. Aleksander Katchalov (Steklov Institute, St. Petersburg) Gaussian beams in anisotropic media and Finsler geometry
to 12.2. Ricardo Weder (UNAM, Mexico City) Inverse scattering with fixed quasi-energy for time-periodic potentials
to 5.2. Hans-Olav Tylli Real interpolation of the distance to the compact operators
to 29.1. Petteri Piiroinen Tilastolliset kokeet ja inversioteoria, II
to 22.1. Petteri Piiroinen Tilastolliset kokeet ja inversioteoria

Syksyn 2003 ohjelma / Programme Autumn 2003

to 11.12. seminaari ei kokoonnu (Inverse Days, Syöte)
to 4.12. Petri Ola Diracin operaattorista
to 27.11. Eve Oja (Tartu) Nuclear operators: Grothendieck's theorem revisited
to 20.11. Matti Lassas Resonances and manifolds with complex metric tensors, II
to 13.11. Matti Lassas Resonances and manifolds with complex metric tensors
to 6.11. Jouko Väänänen Logic for analysts
to 30.10. Mikko Salo Mathematical methods in audio signal processing
to 23.10. Hans-Olav Tylli Ptak's combinatorial lemma and applications to Banach spaces
to 16.10. Xiao Zhong (Jyväskylä) Self-improving property
to 9.10. joint with the Finnish Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Physics Seminar
Kari Vilonen (Northwestern Univ.) Representation theory, harmonic analysis and conformal field theory
to 2.10. Lassi Päivärinta Solution of Calderon's inverse conductivity problem in dimension 2, II
to 25.9. Stephen McDowall (Western Washington Univ. and Helsinki) Infinite order boundary determination of material parameters for Maxwell's equation
to 18.9. joint with the Finnish Mathematical Society
Thierry Gallay (Grenoble) Convergence results for a coarsening model using global linearization
to 11.9. Kari Astala Solution of Calderon's inverse conductivity problem in dimension 2, I

Aikaisempien lukukausien ohjelmia / Recent programmes

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