Program, Nucleosynthesis Workshop, Trento 1997

Monday, 23 June (He3)

Opening remarks
Practical matters
K.A. Olive: An introduction to current topics in BBN
D.S. Balser: The abundance of 3He in planetary nebulae
T.M. Bania: The abundance of 3He in galactic HII regions
C. Charbonnel: Production and destruction of 3He in stars. Consequences on chemical evolution[ ApJ 453, L41]

Tuesday, 24 June (Lithium)

F. Spite: More data and more discussion about Li-abundance in stars
P. Molaro: Precise lithium abundance in galactic halo dwarfs [ astro-ph/950381, astro-ph/9611043]
T.P. Walker: Constraints on Li-Depletion in Pop II stars
D.N. Schramm: The density of baryons in the universe
M. Lemoine: 6Li in population II stars and the primordial 7Li abundance
S. Vauclair: Element diffusion in Halo stars and the primordial value of lithium

Wednesday, 25 June

M.S. Turner: BBN Enters the High-precision Era
K.A. Olive: Chemical evolution... [ ApJ 476, 521, ApJ 479, 752]
P. Salucci: Dark baryons in the Universe
N. Prantzos: Evolution of D and He3 in the Milky Way and at high redshift

Thursday, 26 June (BBN codes)

V.B. Belyaev: Triple versus binary nuclear reactions in the sun
A. Wierling: Nuclear reaction rates in nonideal plasmas
S. Hannestad: The tau neutrino in BBN
S. Sarkar: Goodbye to Monte Carlo
J.F. Lara: Comparison of two distinct BBN codes
R. Lopez: Towards a more accurate primordial He4 calculation

Friday, 27 June (Deuterium)

S. Burles: Observational measurements of D/H in QSO absorption systems [ astro-ph/9707176]
M. Lemoine: Deuterium abundance(s) in QSO absorbers
K. Jedamzik: Is deuterium in high-redshift Lyman-limit systems primordial?

Monday, 30 June (He4)

E.Terlevich: The primordial helium abundance: new insights and new observations
R. Terlevich: Primordial He abundance: More new insights and more new observations
T.X. Thuan: The primordial helium abundance in blue compact dwarf galaxies: systematic errors and a new determination
Y.I. Izotov: The 4He abundance in most metal-deficient supergiant HII regions [ He97, IZw18]
G. Steigman: Systematic corrections to the primordial helium abundance from temperature fluctuations in HII regions [ astro-ph/9704167]

Tuesday, 1 July (Chemical evolution)

B.E.J. Pagel: Yp and dY/dZ from H II galaxies and nearby stars
P. Traat: Evolution of a stellar population, Delta Y/ Delta Z, and some primary elements
D. Galli: Galactic evolution of 3He
G.J. Mathews: Galaxy formation and light element abundances
J. Peltoniemi: Neutrino spin flips and nucleosynthesis in supernovae

Wednesday, 2 July (Implications)

G. Steigman: Non-BBN constraints on the universal density of baryons [ astro-ph/9708016]
S.A. Bludman: Implications of D/H and baryonic mass fraction for total mass density in the universe and other cosmological parameters
P. Salati: Antinuclei production in the galaxy
J.B. Rehm: Aspects of the influence of antimatter on BBN
Voting on the baryon/photon ratio ends

Thursday, 3 July (QCD phase transition and inhomogeneous BBN)

M.B. Christiansen: The cosmological quark-hadron transition in the MIT bag model
K. Jedamzik: Black hole production at the QCD epoch?
H. Kurki-Suonio: Inhomogeneous BBN
G.J. Mathews: Comments on inhomogeneous primordial nucleosynthesis
K. Kainulainen: Concluding remarks
Results of the baryon asymmetry ballot

Friday, 4 July

No organized program, ECT* is open

Here is a list of suggested topics for the workshop
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