The rules of procedure of the Particle Physics Division of the Finnish Physical Society

Tasks of the division

The main task of the division is a promotion of particle physics and informing about it in Finland.

Meeting of the division

The annual meeting of the division is held usually during the Particle Physics Day. The chair is responsible of informing the members about the meeting time and place well in advance, at least two weeks before the meeting. This informing can be done by email.

Quorum of the division

The properly summoned meeting of the division is quorate regardless of the number of attendees, if the attendees can be thought to represent decently the community of the Finnish particle physicists.

Selecting the board and the chair and the term of office

The annual meeting of the division selects the board. The board selects the chair, a vice-chair and a secretary from the board members. The term is one year at a time, and one person can hold the chair for at most three years. The number of terms of other board members are not restricted.

Board meetings

The board will meet at least once per semester.

Quorum of the board

A quorum is present in the board meeting, if half of the board members and the chair or vice chair are present. If needed, the board meeting can be held using electrical communication.

The rules of procedure in Finnish.
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