Particle Physics Day 2011
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Particle Physics Day 2011

October 28, 2011, Helsinki


The Division of Particle Physics of the Finnish Physical Society is organising a Particle Physics Day 2011 on Friday, October 28, 2011
in Helsinki. At the end of the day, the Division of of the Finnish Physical Society will have its yearly meeting

The purpose of the events is to bring together the Particle Physicists in Finland and to get an overview of the research being done.

Particle Physics Day

The Particle Physics Day will be held at the Kumpula campus in lecture hall E204. There will be a session of talks only from 10.15
to 15.00. The first part will be devoted for status reports of the research facilities with Finnish involvement (LHC, Laguna etc ...).
The second part (intercepted by a lunch break) will be used for shorter (10+2 min) contributed talks.

Scientific programme

Yearly meeting of the Division of Particle Physics

The divisional meeting will take place at 15.20 in lecture hall E204. The preliminary agenda of the meeting (in Finnish)

Other information

More information available from the organisers

    Kimmo Tuominen, Timo Enqvist, Esko Keski-Vakkuri, Katri Lassila-Perini, Kenneth Österberg

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