Scientific programme - Particle Physics Day 2011

9:50 - 10:15 Coffee + sandwich

Morning session chair: Paula Eerola (Helsinki)
Time Speaker Title
10:15 (3 min) Kenneth Österberg (Helsinki) Welcone
10:18 (23+4 min) Sami Lehti (Helsinki) Large Hadron Collider Status Report
10:45 (18+3 min) Hannu Kurki-Suonio (Helsinki) Planck Satellite Status Report
11:06 (18+3 min) Jukka Maalampi (Jyväskylä) Laguna Status Report
11:27 (10+2 min) Jiri Kral (Jyväskylä) The Level-0 trigger of the ALICE Electromagnetic Calorimeter
11:39 (10+2 min) Teppo Mäenpää (Helsinki) Current Injected Detectors (CID) for Super-LHC and Helsinki SiBT for Detector Studies
11:51 (10+2 min) Matti Kalliokoski (Helsinki) Building Better Detectors - GEM-research at Detector Laboratory of HIP and UH
12:03 (10+2 min) Tomas Lindén (Helsinki) LHC Grid Computing in Finland: From M-Grid to FGI

12:15 - 13.00 Lunch (at own cost)

Afternoon session chair: Kari J Eskola (Jyväskylä)
Time Speaker Title
13:00 (10+2 min) Tuomas Lappi (Jyväskylä) Renormalization Group Evolution of Multi-gluon Correlation in High Energy QCD
13:12 (10+2 min) Matti Antola (Jyväskylä) Minimal Supersymmetric Conformal Technicolor
13:24 (10+2 min) Ilkka Helenius (Jyväskylä) Impact Parameter Dependent nPDFs Based on EKS98 and EPS09 Parametrizations
13:36 (10+2 min) Jussi Auvinen (Jyväskylä) Monte Carlo Simulation for the Collisional Energy Loss of High-energy Partons in a Strongly Interacting Medium
13:48 (10+2 min) Juha Sarkamo (Oulu) Muon Multiplicity Measurement in EMMA
14:00 (10+2 min) Erik Brucken (Helsinki) Observations of Exclusive Gamma-Gamma Production in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
14:12 (10+2 min) Mikko Voutilainen (Helsinki) First Year Jet Measurements at CMS
14:24 (10+2 min) Kenneth Österberg (Helsinki) First Physics Measurements with TOTEM at LHC
14:36 (10+2 min) Anne-Maria Visuri (Helsinki) Opposite Side Flavour Tagging in the B_s --> J/Psi(--> mu+mu-) Phi(--> K+K-) Decay
14:48 (10+2 min) Matti Kortelainen (Helsinki) Search for Light Charged Higgs Bosons with Hadronic Final State in CMS

15:00 - 15.20 Coffee + "pulla"
15:20 - Meeting of The Division of Particle Physics

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