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List of publications


  1. On Short Exponential Sums Involving Fourier Coefficients of Holomorphic Cusp Forms (Dissertation Thesis), TUCS Dissertations No 101, 2008.

    Journal articles

  2. On the error term in the approximate functional equation for the exponential sums involving the Fourier coefficients of cusp forms. International Journal of Number Theory, volume 4, number 5, October 2008, 747-756. There is a mistake in the details of the article, it is corrected here.
  3. (with K. Karppinen) On short exponential sums involving Fourier coefficients of holomorphic cusp forms. International Mathematics Research Notices, volume 2008, 2008, article ID rnm147.
  4. A relation between Fourier coefficients of holomorphic cusp forms and exponential sums. Publications de l'Institut Mathematique (Beograd), volume 86(100), 2009.
  5. A note concerning certain exponential sums related to cusp forms. Siauliai Mathematical Seminar 4(12), 2009 (Special issue celebrating the 60th birthday of Professor Antanas Laurincikas).
  6. On certain exponential sums related to GL(3) cusp forms. Comptes rendus Mathematique Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I 348 (2010) 5--8.
  7. (with A. Lepistö) Bounds and computational results for exponential sums related to cusp forms, Acta Mathematica Universitatis Ostraviensis 17 (2009), 81--90.
  8. On the mean square of short exponential sums related to cusp forms. Functiones et Approximatio, 45 (2011), number 1, 97--104.
  9. (with K. Matomäki, P. Haukkanen and J. Merikoski) Formulas for the number of gridlines. To appear in Monatshefte für Mathematik.
  10. On a conjecture by Belfiore and Solé on some lattices. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, volume 58, issue 9, 2012, 5950-5955. Older version on arxiv.
  11. Some results related to the conjecture by Belfiore and Solé. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, volume 60, issue 5, 2014, 2805-2812.
  12. (with K. Leppälä and T. Matala-aho) An explicit Baker type lower bound of exponential values. Submitted.
  13. Mean square estimate for relatively short exponential sums involving Fourier coefficients of cusp forms. Submitted.
  14. (with J. Jääsaari and E. V. Vesalainen) Resonances and Omega-results for Exponential Sums Related to Maass forms for SL(n,Z). Submitted.
  15. (with A. Odzak, L. Smajlovic and M. Susic)On generalized Li criterion for a certain class of L-functions. Submitted.
  16. (with B. A. Sethuraman)Counterexample to the generalized Belfiore-Solé secrecy function conjecture for l-modular lattices. Submitted.
  17. (with D. Karpuk, C. Hollanti and E. Viterbo) Probability estimates for fading wiretap channels from ideal class zeta functions. Submitted.
  18. On an approximate functional equation involving the divisor function. (manuscript)

    Articles in Proceedings

  19. (with K. Nyberg) On Server-Aided Computation for RSA Protocols with Private Key Splitting. In the proceedings of the Nordsec2003 -conference, 2003.
  20. Some topics concerning the RSA system with key splitting. In the proceedings of Algorithmic Number Theory 2007, Turku, 45--49.
  21. On problems related to Fourier series of holomorphic cusp forms. In the proceedings of 5th Annual International Symposium on Voronoi Diagrams in Science and Engineering and 4th International Kyiv Conference on Analytic Number Theory and Spatial Tessellations: Voronoi's impact on modern science, book 4, volume 1, 2008, 18--26.
  22. (with C. Hollanti) On the eavesdropper's correct decision in Gaussian and fading wiretap channels using lattice codes. In the proceedings of ITW 2011, 2011, 16--20.
  23. (with A. Bucur, E. Roditty-Gershon, A. Odzak and L. Smajlovic) On tau-Li coefficients for Rankin-Selberg L-functions. To appear in the proceedings of the Women in Numbers Europe 2013 conference.
  24. (with B. A. Sethuraman) Counterexample to the Generalized Belfiore-Sole SEcrecy Function Conjecture for l-modular lattices. Submitted.


  25. (with Kerkko Luosto and Tapio Pokela) Pyramidi 11: Lukuteoria ja logiikka (high school textbook). Tammi, 2006, and its Swedish translation (with Kristian Smedlund in addition to the original authors) Ellips 11: Talteori och logik. Schildt, 2007.

    Edited proceedings

  26. (with M. Jutila, J. Karhumäki, and A. Lepistö) Proceedings of Conference on Algorithmic Number Theory 2007, TUCS General publication 46, 2007.
  27. (with C. Hollanti) Proceedings of the 3rd Nordic EWM Summer School for PhD Students in Mathematics, TUCS General publication 53, 2009.

    Popular texts

  28. Summien arviointi integraalien avulla. Solmu 2015 (1), 16--20.
  29. Opetussuunnitelmaan ohjelmointia. (Editorial) Solmu 2015 (1), 4--5.
  30. (with P. Ola) Vihdoinkin! (Editorial) Arkhimedes 2014 (4), 3.
  31. Oppeja saksalaisilta jalkapallofaneilta. (Editorial) Solmu 2014 (3), 4--5.
  32. (with M. Kauppila and E. Vesalainen) Euroopan tyttöjen matematiikkaolympialaiset Antalyassa, Turkissa, 10.-16.4.2014. solmu 2014 (3), 24--30.
  33. Rationaalisia, irrationaalisia, algebrallisia ja transkendenttisiä otuksia. Solmu 2014 (3), 12--15.
  34. Euroopan tyttöjen matematiikkaolympialaiset - Mikä, missä, milloin ja miten sinne pääsee? Dimensio 2013 (1), 21-22.
  35. Kiinalainen jäännöslause ripauksella kryptografiaa. Solmu 2012 (3), 8-10.
  36. Jännenelikulmioiden juhlaa - Tyttöjen matematiikkaolympialaisten tehtäväsatoa. Solmu 2012 (3), 15-18.
  37. Kansainväliset matematiikkaolympialaiset Amsterdamissa. Dimensio 2011 (4), 40-41.
  38. Suomi lähettää joukkueen tyttöjen matematiikkakilpailuun. Solmu 2011, no. 3, 23-24.
  39. Orsivaakoja, tuulimyllyjä ja peilauksia -- vuoden 2011 koululaisten matematiikkaolympialaiset Amsterdamissa. Solmu 2011, no. 3, 9-12.
  40. Löytöretki lukuteoreettisiin rakenteisiin -- Matti Jutilan tarina. Arkhimedes 2011, no. 2-3, 26-29.
  41. Täydellisyyttä etsimässä (Looking for perfectness, text on perfect numbers for general audience). To appear in Solmu 2011, no. 1.
  42. Tekijäfunktio ja muita lukuteoreettisia otuksia (Divisor function and other number theoretical functions, in Finnish). Solmu 2010, no. 2, 24-26.
  43. Kirkosta Koreaan ja kristilliselle opistolle (text on math competitions from a personal point of view). Solmu 2009, no. 1, 30-32.
  44. (with T. Hytönen) Kokonaisuus on pienempi kuin osiensa summa -- arvioita sarjoille ja integraaleille. Arkhimedes 2006, no. 6, 22-25.


  45. A poster on exponential sums related to holomorphic cusp forms. 3rd Nordic EWM Summer School for PhD Students in Mathematics, 2009.
  46. Published solutions to problems appeared earlier in American Mathematical Monthly:
    • (with T. Ernvall) A Special Prime, vol. 115 (2008), 666.
    • (with R. Ernvall) Groups of Divisors, vol. 110 (2003), 442-443
    • A Summation Inequality, vol. 108 (2001), 777
  47. Lukuteorian törmäyskurssi (Crash course in number theory, material for Finnish Mathematics Olympiad Training).
  48. (with Jari Lappalainen) Epäyhtälöoppia matematiikaolympialaisten tehtäviin (Inequalities for mathematics olympiad problems).