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Arctic Number Theory School
18-25 May, 2011

Schedule of mini courses, public lecture and special lecture

Schedule of contributed talks

Most of the lectures will be at Kumpulakampus in Exactum in lecture room D123.

Topics and abstracts of mini courses

Mike Bennett: Effective Methods in Diophantine Approximation
Aleksandar Ivić: On Hardy's function
Matti Jutila: Methods and problems of analytic number theory, lecture notes
Pär Kurlberg: Bounds on exponential sums: from Gauss to Bourgain-Konyagin
Tanguy Rivoal: Rational approximations of classical constants
Keijo Väänänen: On arithmetic properties of q-series, lecture notes

Special lecture

Wüstholz Gisbert: Rational integral and transcendence

Public lecture

Helfgott Harald: Finding primes deterministically

Contributed talks

All contributed talks that have been offered to the organizers, have been accepted to the program. They will all be held on Saturday. The schedule will be released only when the Summer School has started, and when we know who is actually arriving. (This may sound a bit paranoid, yes, but we try to avoid having empty slots to ensure that people have so much time to enjoy Helsinki on Saturday as possible.) The list of the talks will appear on the webpage soon.