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Arctic Number Theory School
18-25 May, 2011

  1. How can I participate? Do I need to apply?
    You don't have to apply, the conference is open for all. Just send an email to hytonen at kth.se

  2. I have sent an email to hytonen at kth.se but this person has not answered my email.
    First of all, my sincere apologies. I try to remember to answer every email I get. However, it is always possible that I forget, or that the email gets lost on the way. Please send the email again, and please please please check that you don't have any kind of filtering system that prevents new people from sending email to you.

  3. How do I apply for funding?
    Send an email to hytonen at kth.se to register, and send a cv, a list of publications, a brief research statement, explanation why you need funding, and finally, tell us how much you would need. (Unfortunately, I cannot promise funding at the moment. The registration deadline is March 15, and we will know only after that how many people are going to need funding. Moreover, some foundations make their decisions only late in spring.

  4. Who has designed and drawn the poster?
    Toni Ernvall.

  5. (My favourite question) Do you have penguins in Finland?/ Don't you know that you don't have penguins in Finland?
    Unfortunately, we don't have penguins in Finland, and we are aware of that. However, we felt that it shouldn't prevent us from using penguins on the poster.