Andrew Chesterman (Edited)


1989. Readings in translation theory.  Helsinki: Finn Lectura.








1. John Dryden: Metaphrase, paraphrase and imitation


2. Walter Benjamin: The task of the translator


3. George Steiner: The hermeneutic motion


4. R.J. Jumpelt: On the objectivizability of translation


5. Jifii Lev˘: Translation as a decision process


6. Roman Jakobson: On linguistic apsects of translation


7. J.-P. Vinay and J. Darbelnet: Translation procedures


8. J.C. Catford: Translation shifts


9. Eugene A. Nida: Science of translation


10. W. Koller: Equivalence in translation theory


11. Katharine Reiss: Text types, translation types and translation assessment


12. Peter Newmark: Communicative and semantic translation


13. Albrecht Neubert: Translation, interpreting and text linguistics


14. Juliane House: Translation quality assessment


15. Peter Toma: An operational machine translation system


16. Hans J. Vermeer: Skopos and commission in translational action





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