Pohjannaula was formed three years ago. Their music is an interesting combination of rock and Finnish ethnic elements. The strong ethnic flavour originates from the old Finnish mythology, from the epic Kalevala. The lyrics, written by the members of Pohjannaula, combine the traditional inspiration of the nature with the young energy and desire.

Pohjannaula is well known for their wild live performances. The magic talent of the musicians and the charismatic lead singer, create together a mystical atmosphere leaving nobody untouched. September 1998 Pohjannaula played in Greece, and the Greek audience was highly impressed. The gig was part of a big 'Gaia' - festival, that was held in Thessaloniki.

Pohjannaulas first long-play, 'KIVI', was preceded by two EP's. ‘KIVI' ("stone" in english) was released 19.10 1998 and it is said to be the most interesting Finnish debut of the year. The career of the band is just about to begin, and I am sure we will hear a lot about them in the future!

Pohjannaula line-up:

Juha Menna - drums, vocals
Samuli Mäkisalo - lead vocals, ac. guitar
Antero Aunesluoma - bass, vocals
Juha-Matti Pesonen - ac. guitar, vocals
Tomi Rikkola - viola, percussion and vocals