Downloading and installing the Prototype

version 1.0.2, 2002-5-7

Before you begin

Add this page into your Favorites list, or by some other way make sure that you can easilily return to this page at various stages of the installation process. You may also consider printing this page on paper for easy reference.

Please note that these instructions assume that the installer knows how to perform basic file management operations, such as copying, moving and renaming files, and starting programs in folders. If necessary, please consult your Windows manual.

The instructions are tested in Windows 95. Windows 98 should be quite similar. I have not tried these with Windows NT, so if you are are installing into a WinNT system, you'll probably have to figure out some details by yourself.

The instructions below assume that the target computer does NOT have a full working HP VEE development environment. If the computer DOES have this system, please do the following:


Please note that you follow the instructions below, install the software, and run it at your own risk. I take no responsibility of anything that may, or may not happen.


Downloading and installing the VEE RunTime Environment

Downloading and installing the HP I/O Libraries

NOTE: if you have WinNT or Win2000, you must install and configure the I/O Libraries as System Administrator.

The Prototype does not need IEEE 1394 or VXI support, so in the dialog asking to "Install the HP E8491 VXI Components", you may leave the box unchecked.

You must let the installation program to install the other libraries it suggests.

You may configure the interfaces at this point, or return to configuration later. In the following it is assumed that you finished the HP I/O Libraries installation without configuring the interfaces.

Configuring the RS-232 interfaces

Before proceeding, please check which serial (COM) ports are free in your computer. You should have either COM1, or COM2, or both free.

From the Windows Start menu, go to Programs > HP I_O Libraries > I_O Config, and start this program. Then, according to your COM port configuration, perform one or both of the following procedures.


  • from Available Interface Types, select RS-232

  • click Configure.

The RS-232/Serial Conficuration appers. The SICL Interface Name box should read COM1.

  • change the Logical Unit to 9 by clicking the up arrow

  • click OK.

The COM1 should now appear in the Configured Interfaces.


  • from Available Interface Types, select RS-232

  • click Configure.

The RS-232/Serial Conficuration appers. The SICL Interface Name box should read COM2.

  • change the Logical Unit to 10 by clicking the up arrow.

  • click OK.

The COM2 should now appear in the Configured Interfaces.


Click OK to close the I/O configuration program.


Downloading and unpacking the Prototype programs


Installing the serial communications settings

The file now contains the proper serial communication settings for the ULI, the Hitachi VC-6045A oscilloscope, and the TES multimeter. is an ASCII file that can be examined and edited with e.g. the Notepad .


Installing the Visual Basic 4.0 Run-time library


Installation is now complete!

Now you should be able to run the following programs in the PROTOTYPE folder by double-clicking the the file names:

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