Ari Hämäläinen, Ph.D.
University of Helsinki,
Department of Physics

Field of work:

I work at the University of Helsinki, Department of Physics as a lecture demonstrator (amanuensis). The main duty of this job is presenting and developing lecture demonstrations.

From January 1, 1996, till December 31, 2001, I work as a temporary lecturer.

I am also involved in developing students' laboratory excercises, in a laboratory course "Perceptional Experimentality" of the teacher education program, and in a nation-wide schoolteachers' complementary training program DFCL.

Field of research:

My research area in our department's physics education research group is computer-assisted physics teaching. In November 1998, I finished my doctor's thesis , which deals with a microcomputer-based laboratory (MBL) tool that is designed to meet the requirements of the so-called Perceptional Approach in physics teaching.


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