Date Entered: 07/18/98

Name: Aapo Halko

Email Address:

Web Page: http: //

Occupation: Mathematician

Birthday: 10/29/63

Diagnosed?: y

Diagnosis Date: 08/20/79

Grew Up: Helsinki

Type of MS: secondary progressive

First Symptoms: Numbness in hands and in legs. These symptoms disappeared in three months.

Possible Causes: Not causal, but 1990 was stressful time because of work and birth of my first daughter.

Current Symptoms: From 1990 my legs and hands have gotten spastic. Fatigue. According to my neuro I have only one lesion which is in the spinal chord. From 1996 my voice and breathing are weak. Update 7/98: My symptoms are essentially the same. The progression is slower. (Mitoxantrone therapy started 11/97). 2/99 MRI revealed typical lesions in the brain but my symptoms come from the spinal chord which was not 'mried'.

How Life is Affected: I use electric wheel chair to move around. I can take a few steps while holding. I need a personal assistant constantly. I still work part time. My walking distances 1990 10km, 1991 3km, 1992 1km, 1993 500m, cane, 1994 50m, electric wheel chair, 1995 20m, 1996 few steps, personal assistant, 1997 transfer, 1998 transfer with very little assistance,

How Do You Deal: I don't have emotional problems. I don't have bladder problems, but bowel is slow. I eat high fiber and take lactulose every day. I get physio therapy twice in a week and three-week rehabilition twice in a year.

Possible Cures: In 1994-97 I have got 14 3-day i.v. methylprednisolon pulses. 7/95-3/96 I used beta-interferon, 6 MIU once a week. During that time I had less fatigue but my ms progressed. I tried gluten free diet in 1993, but it did not help. In 93 I got tetanus-diphteria vaccination. A week after that my walking distance dropped from 500m to 200m. I have been on azathioprine, but have not noticed a difference. Next we will try mitoxantrone treatment. 7/98. After 4 mitoxantrone treatments I am almost stable. 8/2000 After 9 mitoxantrone treatments, I have been active, working part time, my symptoms are only a little worse. 3/2001 Every flu makes me little worse. 10th treatment, two more to go. Finland has not yet approved beta-interferon for secondary progressive ms.