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Pedagogical courses for professional development

The Centre for University Teaching and Learning offers courses in University Pedagogy for UH staff

Reflections on university pedagogy - check out this video!

Courses during the academic year 2017-2018:

The next UP 1 (5 cr) will start in period 3. Application time within the month of October. More information will be updated here.

The next UP 2.1 (5 cr) course will start in period 4. Application time within the month of October. More information will be updated here.

More information on the courses as well as the application procedures will be updated in Flamma!

The new degree requirements for the academic years 2017-2021 will be confirmed in May.

The former degree requirements for the 60-credit module of basic and subject studies in University Pedagogy.

The studies in University Pedagogy consist
of basic studies (25 ETC credits) and subject studies (35 ECTS credits). The Centre organises the basic study modules (25 ECTS credits) in English.

Our pedagogical courses are aimed at full-time university lecturers, professors, and assistants with teaching obligations who wish to develop their teaching skills and their understanding of student learning but have limited or no prior pedagogical training. We also welcome part-time teachers with at least 1 hour of work/week at the university.
For this course we give preference to teachers who are not native Finnish/Swedish speakers. Teachers in other universities may apply if there is an agreement between the institution and the Centre.

University Pedagogy, UP 1-2 (10 credits).

The 10 credit course includes the following study modules:
UP1 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 5 ECT credits
UP2 Constructive alignment in course design, 5 ECT credits

The aim: Participants will become familiar with the latest research on learning and teaching in higher education and will be able to apply the results of such research in examining teaching and learning in their field. They will master the key theoretical concepts related to learning and teaching in higher education. They will also be able to examine the teaching and learning environment from the student perspective. Also, participants will understand the principles of constructive alignment in teaching and will be able to apply them in curriculum design and implementation. They will be able to assess the significance of various teaching methods for learning. They will be conscious of their own pedagogical thinking and are able to assess teaching and reflect on their own teaching. They will be able to draft a course syllabus and to develop their teaching skills.

The length of the course, 10 credits, equals to circa 260 hours of study. Please make sure that all the contact days suit your timetable before you apply.

The maximum number of participants is 20, minimum 12.

UP 3 Academic supervision, 5 credits.

Participants will understand how thesis supervision supports the learning process and will be able to explore this process from various perspectives. They will understand the individual, group and community aspects of supervision.  Accordingly, they will see their role as a) a teacher of research , b) a supervisor of work processes and c) a catalyst of social interaction.

They will be able to apply the above-mentioned thinking to investigate their own work and environment. They will be familiar with various means and methods of supervision. They will be able to choose appropriate supervisory interventions for various stages and situations, to use the resources offered by their work environment and to develop new methods suitable for each situation. Participants will also understand the practical limits of supervisory activities.

Studying in the course requires active participation in contact sessions. Between the contact days participants work independently on reading tasks and individual development projects. A certificate will be awarded when both requirements are fulfilled.

UP 4 Assessment of learning and giving feedback, 5 credits

The course deals with assessment of learning, assessment practices and constructive alignment in teaching.
This module is a part of Basic Studies in University Pedagogy (25 ECTS) at the Centre. More about the content of the course in the Degree Requirements (link above).

 UP 5 Development of teaching and practical training
This course is designed for teachers who wish to develop their pedagogical thinking through self-reflection, the feedback received as well as interactive learning situations. Participants will be able to provide constructive feedback on teaching to peers and to develop their own teaching based on the feedback received. They will be able to analyse their own teaching through research-based knowledge about higher education as well as to apply such knowledge in developing their teaching.

If you have got any further questions concerning the courses, please feel free to contact the office.