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Courses towards an Environmental Ecology MSc

This page provides information to students who plan on doing a MSc in Environmental Ecology. The university is going through major reconstruction of its teaching programmes, including Master’s programmes. Most of the courses listed below will still run, and you are encouraged to look through them carefully in order to familiarise yourself with what is on offer.

MSc in Environmental Ecology, with an emphasis on Urban Environmental Issues

Students will gain knowledge on urban environments not only as ecological but also as socio-ecological systems. They will learn how urban ecosystems process water, matter and energy within urbanised areas, and how this affects adjacent environments, such as aquatic ecosystems. Eutrophication, pollution and chemicalisation of the urban landscape, the ecotoxicological consequences of urbanisation, the effects of fragmentation on the urban fauna and flora, and urban green infrastructure (e.g., green roofs) will be addressed. Students will learn how human-induced effects on the urban environment can be prevented and mitigated through ecological, biological and technological means. Thus, besides having a firm theoretical background, students are provided with knowledge and skills that can be applied in practice, for example in urban planning processes in order to use ecologically sound and sustainable management practices.

The degree consists of two major parts;
A) Obligatory studies (in order to obtain an Environmental Ecology MSc)
B) Studies emphasizing Urban and Environmental issues

Total number of credits needed to acquire an MSc in Environmental Sciences (120 ECTS)

A) Obligatory studies (in order to obtain an Environmental Ecology MSc)

502019 Orientation (HOPS) (1 cr)
50233 MSc Thesis seminar I, II (3 cr)
50236 Book exams (9-12 cr)
50255 Laudatur seminar (3 cr)
502033 Research group training (6-12 cr)
50139 Thesis (40 cr)
570020 Maturity test (0 cr)

B) Studies emphasizing Urban and Environmental Issues
The Department of Environmental Sciences, other Departments at the University of Helsinki, as well as outside institutes (including LAMK and LUT) provide courses in English that can be taken towards obtaining a MSc in Environmental Ecology, with an emphasis on Urban Environmental Issues.

Recommended courses:

  • 502035 Urban Ecosystem Ecology (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 502040 Field course in Urban Environmental Ecology (8 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 519085 Urban Environmental Policy (5 cr) [in Helsinki]
  • 502038 Urban Ecotoxicology (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 502009 Statistical Analysis of Research Data (3 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 519018 Helsinki Summer School course: Ecology and Management of Urban Green Space (5 cr) [in Helsinki]
  • 502079 Topical Issues in Urban Ecosystem Ecology (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 519036 Environmental Changes in Ecosystems (5 cr) [in Helsinki]
  • 502069 Seminar Course in Urban Environmental Issues (3 cr) [in Lahti]

Other free-choice studies:

  • 993734, 993735 Academic writing I, II (4 cr) [in Helsinki]
  • 50268 Advanced course on Terrestrial Ecology (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 502000 Colloquium in Environmental Ecology (3 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 519067 Field course in Environmental Research (6 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 50208 Applied Molecular Biology (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 50251 Laboratory Course in Microbiology (3 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 50253 Laboratory Course in Environmental Biotechnology (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 502086 Advanced Course on Environmental Biotechnology (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 406009 (HYL213D) Cities in a Globalizing World AD 1000-2000 (5 cr) [in Helsinki]
  • HENVI teaching, see [in Helsinki]
  • Urban Academy, selected courses suitable for MSc students, see [in Helsinki]
  • Boreal Biota and Ecology, see [in Helsinki]

Courses provided by LAMK (Lahti University of Applied Sciences, (contact person: Eeva Aarrevaara, eeva.aarrevaara (at) :

  • 07MET205E Urban & Communicative Planning (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 07MET305E Climate Change and its Environmental Impacts (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 07MET405E Environmental Management (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • 07MET505E GIS in Environmental Planning and Research (5 cr) [in Lahti]
    Lecturing dates: 14.3.-17.3.2016 (9-16). Contact teacher Juha Hyytiäinen (
  • 07MET605 Environmental Technology and Research (5 cr) [in Lahti]
    Lecturing dates: 26.4.-28.4.2016 (9-16). Contact teacher Paul Carroll
  • 07MET805E Societal Change and Future Foresight Methods (5 cr) [in Lahti]

Courses provided by LUT (Lappeenranta University of Technology,

  • Basic course on Environmental Management and Business (5 cr) [in Lahti]
  • Basic course on Environmental Technology (3 cr) [in Lahti]