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Courses in English at the Department of Environmental Sciences

Lectures are generally given in Finnish, particularly elementary ones. However, some course are arranged in English language in Viikki and Lahti and many books and other source material are in English. All teachers speak English and in some courses arrangements can be made to include foreign exchange students and other non-native students. The student should consult the teacher for possible supplementary or alternate materials and texts. For Finnish textbooks, alternate books in English can be found.

When teaching is given in English, essays and other assignments as well as exams can also be taken in Finnish or Swedish. Questions are prepared in these languages if requested when a student registers for an exam. However, if a teacher cannot speak Finnish or Swedish, assignments and exams have to be written in English. Book exams are based on international textbooks.Students in international Master’s Degree Programmes have to do all assignments, exams and Master’s thesis in English.