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Department of Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 65 (Viikinkaari 1)
00014 University of Helsinki

Niemenkatu 73
15140 Lahti

Staff and administration at the Department of Environmental Sciences

When seeking a person you can check the staff directory (Mainari) or the research directory (TUHAT)


The department is divided into three sections:

  • Aquatic sciences (Viikki)
  • Environmental ecology (Lahti)
  • Environmental change and policy (Viikki)

The department has a steering group with nine members. Staff members are listed in Finnish: aquatic sciences, environmental ecology, environmental change and policy.


Head of the department (1.10.2016-)

University lecturer Anne Ojala
Niemenkatu 73, 15140 LAHTI

+358-2941 20340 ja 0503160558


Hannu Lehtonen

Vice head

Professor in aquatic science
Hannu Lehtonen
Bio centre 3, room 4416
Viikinkaari 1, POB 65
00014 University of Helsinki
Tel: +358-9-191 58468


Professors in charge

Jukka Horppila

Aquatic sciences:

Professor Jukka Horppila
Bio centre 3, room 4714
Viikinkaari 1, POB 65
00014 University of Helsinki
Tel: +358-9-191 58473

Rauni Strömmer

Environmental ecology:

Professor Rauni Strömmer
Niemenkatu 73, 15140 Lahti
Tel: +358-9-1912 0313

Sirkku Manninen

Environmental change and policy:

University lecturer, Adjunct professor Sirkku Manninen
Ympäristötalo, room 2030
Viikinkaari 2a, P.O. Box 65
00014 University of Helsinki
Tel. +358 2941 59101