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Department of Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 65 (Viikinkaari 1)
00014 University of Helsinki

Niemenkatu 73
15140 Lahti

AlmaLab - The laboratory of the Department of Environmental Sciences in Lahti

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Laboratory facilities

almalabLaboratory space
The laboratories in Lahti include four research laboratories and a student laboratory. The research laboratories are for different studies: laboratory 1 is a normal research laboratory with pH meters, balances, hoods etc. Laboratory 2 is for work with modern instrumental analysis equipment. Molecular biology research is conducted in laboratory 3 and soil studies in laboratory 4. Student courses are held in a laboratory with space for 20 students. In addition to there is a laboratory for conducting biotechnology experiments at low temperatures and an air-conditioned space for long term experiments in 250 L cooled water containers. The total space of laboratories is 724 m² and the space for experimental work is about 490 m².

Department's most modern equipment are two Time-Of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometers connected to either a liquid chromatograph or a gas chromatograph. These were purchased to study emerging pollutants and to be able to screen environmental samples for unknown compounds. The analytical facilities of the department include a variety of equipment:

Inorganic analysis:

* Elan 6000 ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer)
* Thermo M-series AAS (Atom Absorption Spectrometer, flame, graphite furnace and hydride generator)
* InnovX XRF-device (X-Ray Fluorescence) LECO-CNS-analyzer

Water analysis:
* Apollo 9000 HS TOC/CO2 -analyzer (Organic Carbon, Carbon Dioxide)
* Shimadzu UV-2401PC -spectrophotometer
* Lachat QuickChem 8000 -FIA-apparatus (Flow Injection Analyzer, nutrient analyses)
* Wallac Winspectral 1414 -LSC (Liquid Scintillation Counter, radioactive analyses)

Organic analysis:
* Waters LCT Premier LC-TOF/MS _
* Waters GCT Premier GC-TOF/MS _
* Agilent 6890N FID/ECD GC (Gas Chromatograph)
* Shimadzu QP2010 Ultra-GC/MS (Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer)
* Shimadzu Prominence UV/VIS-HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatograph)

Biotechnology/molecular biology research:
* Infors Labfors AMGL201 - fermentor
* Thermocycler Doppio -PCR-device
* MJ Research DYAD -PCR-device
* MJ Research Opticon 2 QPCR
* Roche LightCycler96 QPCR
* Bio-Rad Dcode DGGE electrophoresis system
* Regent Instruments WinRhizo root analysis system

Research boat and field equipment

Boat Alma Mater

* Minor 6400 research boat
* Radar equipment
* Forward looking and down looking sonars
* GPS with a map plotter
* Electricity for 200 V equipment
* Industrial field robust computer system
* Automatic water current measurement system
* Wind speed meter

Research floats
* 1 own float + 6 from collaboration parties
* Chlorophyll-a sensor
* Turbidity sensor
* Temperature sensor
* Dissolved oxygen sensor
* Solar radiation (illumination) sensor
* Fycocyanin sensor on one float (for cyanobacteria)

Weather station
* Weather station Vaisala WXT520 (Niemenkatu 73)

Jokimaa field station for soil and sediment studies


* 16 units of 2-m³ lysimeters with sampling systems and temperature control
* Weather station
* Balance equipment for measuring rainfall and evaporation
* Sensors for determining flow through the lysimeters
* Different soil moisture probes
* Continuous conductivity determination
* Customisable computer network system with 16 16-channel data loggers