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The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives belong to the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies.

It is located in connection with the subjects Philosophy (teaching in swedish) and Theoretical philosophy.

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Von Wright centenary 2016, events


14.1 2016: Georg Henrik von Wright - 100 år. Inledningar av Lars Hertzberg, Tom Reuter och Nora Hämäläinen. Plats: Arbis bibliotek 18.05-19.35, Dagmarsgatan 3. (In Swedish, co-organized by WWA).

9.3.-25.8.2016: Thought and Prophecy, centennial von Wright exhibition in the National Library of Finland in Helsinki (co-organized by WWA). In connection with the exhibition there will also be a series of public lectures on the philosophy of G.H. von Wright in the library in Finnish and Swedish, and a von Wright connected musical evening (20.4). Exhibition info Public Lectures

18.5.2016: The 3rd Georg Henrik von Wright Lecture with Professor Cora Diamond on the subject "Von Wright on Wittgenstein in Relation to His Times". Venue: The Small Hall of the Main Building of the University of Helsinki, Fabianinkatu 33, 17-19. Cora Diamond will also participate in the symposium Wittgenstein and Pragmatism at HCAS 16-17.5.2016 (more information here).

18.-20.5.2016. The Human Condition - Conference in Honour of Georg Henrik von Wright's Centennial Anniversary (organized by the Philosophical Society of Finland and the University of Helsinki, conference web page)

23.-25.5.2016. Modalities, Conditionals, and Values - A Symposium on Philosophical Logic in Celebration of the Centenary of Georg Henrik von Wright (organized by Sara Negri and Raul Hakli, symposium web page)

20.-23.9.2016. Von Wright and Wittgenstein in Cambridge - Von Wright centenary symposium. Venue: Strathaird, Cambridge, UK. (Co-organized by WWA, symposium subpage)