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The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives belong to the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies.

It is located in connection with the subjects Philosophy (teaching in swedish) and Theoretical philosophy.

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The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives


The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives (WWA) contains Wittgenstein materials collected by the late professor Georg Henrik von Wright during his life-time, described by himself as “probably the most comprehensive and well-organized Wittgenstein archive in the world”. It also holds a collection of von Wright’s own literary estate, including a major part of von Wright’s correspondence relating to his activities as one of Wittgenstein’s literary executors. The archives also has a collection of books related to Wittgenstein or von Wright, including many translations to various languages. Since the spring 2012 professor Jaakko Hintikka's collection of books related to Wittgenstein, von Wright and Eino Kaila are also kept in WWA. Finally, WWA is also the home of some unique memorabilia, comprising Wittgenstein's walking stick, the handkerchief used to cover his face after his death, and von Wright's travel typewriter from 1919.

In the National Library of Finland, at a short walking distance from WWA, there is another, administratively separate, von Wright collection called the Bibliotheca Wrightiana. This contains a supplementary part of von Wright's scientific correspondence, a great many of his private letters, and his scientific home library.

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Von Wright centenary 2016

2016 is the centenary of Georg Henrik von Wright (1916-2003). Several events will be organized in honour of von Wright during the year both in Finland and abroad, including, for instance, two conferences in Helsinki in May, a centenary symposium in Cambridge in September and a von Wright exhibition in the National Library of Finland in Helsinki 9.3.-25.8.2016. Events

The third Georg Henrik von Wright Lecture will be held by Professor Cora Diamond (Virginia) May 18th, 2016. Her subject is "Von Wright on Wittgenstein in Relation to His Times". Abstract Poster Handout

Live stream:

A presentation of Georg Henrik von Wright made for the “375 Humanists-series” in honour of the 375th anniversary of the University of Helsinki 2015 is available here.