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The Department of World Cultures is part of the Faculty of Arts.

PO Box 59
00014 University of Helsinki
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Prospective students

We strive to provide our students with a profound understanding of their chosen field but also to give them general competences required in the world of work. Students should be able to acquire, analyse and process information; to co-operate with others; and to express themselves clearly both verbally and in writing.

A key area of competence appreciated by employers is a comprehensive knowledge of the culture and language(s) used in the target country. One of our aims is to excite students' academic curiosity about the various cultures and languages. This should help them to appreciate and interpret the phenomena they are likely to meet in their future working lives.

Exchange Students at the Department of World Cultures

We welcome exchange students to attend our courses. Every year we offer a changing selection of courses in English. Most of these courses are open to all exchange students at the University of Helsinki. Some courses may have restrictions on student numbers.