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34th American Indian Workshop: Art of Indians – Indians of Art

The American Indian Workshop (AIW) was founded in 1980 and has become the most important European scholarly platform for researchers concerned with topics related to the Native Peoples of North America. The AIW includes scholars from all over the world. The AIW meetings - hosted each year by a European academic institution - are now regarded as one the most important ones in Native American Studies worldwide.

The 34th American Indian Workshop was held on May 14–17, 2013, at the University of Helsinki, Finland. The objective of the 34th American Indian Workshop titled Art of Indians – Indians of Art was to examine American Indian art as well as European/Euro-American depictions of the indigenous people of North America from a broad perspective. What is Native American “art”? What forms did/does Native American “art” take? What part did/does “art” play in the tribal community? How and why were/are indigenous Americans depicted in Western art? Have representations of the American Indians changed over time? Etc.

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Conference Organizer:
Dr. Riku Hämäläinen (University of Helsinki)

Conference Secretary:
Phil.Lic.Tiina Wikström (University of Helsinki)

Advisory Committee:
Prof. Pirjo Ahokas (University of Turku)
Docent Mark Shackleton (University of Helsinki)
Dr. Sami Lakomäki (University of Oulu)