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University of Helsinki Annual Report 2004

Independent institutes

Aleksanteri Institute

In 2005, the Aleksanteri Institute strengthened its position in the field of international research on Russia and Eastern Europe. It is currently the largest European research institute in its field. In 2005, it had a staff of 50 and its budget grew to €2.9 million. The Institute's vision is to develop into a leading European institute in its field in the post-Cold War world, where the key challenge is to defuse the confrontation between the East and the West.

By the end of the year, 146 students had graduated from the Master's programme, and the total intake was 327 students. The systematic development of teaching was continued and a study programme for Eastern, Middle-European, Baltic and Balkan studies was created.

The Institute has strengthened its research emphasis by establishing research posts and recruiting new researchers. The Graduate School expanded with the arrival of 12 new researchers and three doctoral dissertations were completed. The project activities based on the research programmes have also been systematically developed. The Institute researchers have been active in publishing internationally. The expertise of the Institute was increasingly used in the media: researchers from the Institute appeared dozens of times on the TV and radio both in Finland and abroad. Likewise, several dozens of interviews and general articles appeared in newspapers and magazines.

The Aleksanteri Institute’s societal influence was further strengthened by, for example, co-operation with various Parliament committees and ministries. Various EU-funded projects connected to research and societal participation were implemented. The Institute took part in drawing up Finland’s Russia strategy co-ordinated by Sitra, the goal of which is to make Finland the leading expert on Russia.

Markku Kivinen

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