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Forest restoration and rehabilitation in Southeast Asia FORRSA

Researcher in charge: Eshetu Yirdaw

Period: 1 December2005- 30 November 2008

Partners in Europe

Partners in Asia


From EU Asia-Link programme

Project coordinator institution

University of Helsinki / Viikki Tropical Resources Institute (VITRI)

Project leader

Prof. Olavi Luukkanen

Project coordinator

Dr Eshetu Yirdaw

Project Summary

The project aimed at the human capacity enhancement of Asian and European young academics and postgraduate students for teaching and research on restoration and rehabilitation of degraded forests and wetlands In Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia and Thailand. The special emphasis was on the use of multi-criteria analysis/decision making by Integrating GIS methods and tools with ecological and social knowledge. The project provided a foundation for fostering new Institutional partnerships and reinforcing existing research/training cooperation. Activities included intensive courses (training for trainers), field studies, and teacher and student exchange for young academics and postgraduate students. These activities were supported by joint workshops for curriculum development and for sharing the best practices in education and research among the partner institutions and other selected organisations.


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