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Welcome to Visual Neuroscience 

Welcome to the home page of Visual Neuroscience group, at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Central Hospital. We are part of the Neurology Research Unit, and located in the Biomedicum Helsinki at the Meilahti campus of University of Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland.

Why we do research on vision
About thirty distinct functional areas in each hemisphere participate in vision, covering more than 25% of human cortex. Routing of information in this hierarchical system is dynamic and processing effective. We are studying the early phase of visual processing and hope to better understand the relation between visual behaviour and biological image analysis. In particular, we are simulating visual cortex, with hope to understand its functions one-by-one. We also hope to distribute knowledge and provide applications to clinicians and clinical research, and help development of mechanical applications of vision.

The group was inaugurated 2002 at Helsinki University of Technology, which later was included to Aalto University. The group transferred to University of Helsinki 2013. We have been the leading research group in Finland in the field of systems physiology of visual cortex.