Viikki Food Science (VFS)

Food, nutrition and science
Good food and good nutrition are prerequisites for good life. Food must be safe, nutritious and tasty. Foods are often expected to be convenient to use and keep well. Our food should not cost too much. There is increasing interest to make our food in sustainable ways ecologically and ethically. For all this, food science is needed.

Food is made with the help of science
Food production applies a number of sciences, such as chemistry, physics, biology, economics, and even behavioural sciences in a multidisciplinary way. Although molecular gastronomy is used in food technology on a daily basis, more specific terms are normally used, such as flavour enhancement, flavour release, food design, endogenous antioxidant activity, control of discolouration. 

The Food and Nutritional Sciences in Viikki (Viikki Food Science, VFS), University of Helsinki, provide research based information and tools towards making good food and nutrition available to the consumer.

To study food science in Viikki:  
MScFood Science Programme

Viikki Campus provides an excellent place to study for a student who is interested in food quality, national and global food resources, effects of climate change on the food supply, or other major questions in our future. Food science has been in the curriculum since 1906 in the faculty of agriculture and forestry. With the excellent research laboratories and inspiring research topics the Viikki Food Science welcomes students from Finland and elsewhere

  Our tasks within Viikki Food Science are to:

  • study human food, how it is produced and how it could be made better
  • study economical aspects related to food production, and to study food behaviour
  • teach food science in our programmes, including the international MSc Food programme
  • contribute to the society with relevant food science expertise

The research within VFS has two overlapping main areas:

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