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Finnish Doctoral Programme for Russian and East European Studies

Finnish Doctoral Programme for Russian and East European Studies was coordinated by the Aleksanteri Institute in 1998-2015. During the programme's fruitful 17 years altogether 62 doctoral dissertations were published.

  • Maija Jäppinen 9.1.2015
    "Väkivaltatyön käytännöt, sukupuoli ja toimijuus - Etnografinen tutkimus lähisuhdeväkivaltaa kokeneiden naisten auttamistyöstä Venäjällä"
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Studies
  • Freek van der Vet 12.12.2014
    "Finding Justice at the European Court of Human Rights: the Dynamics of Strategic Litigation and Human Rights Defense in the Russian Federation" 
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Studies
  • Piispa Lauri 11.11.2014
    "Näyttelijän taide venäläisessä elokuvassa 1907 – 1919"
    University of Turku, Faculty of Humanities, Cultural History
  • Gritsenko Daria 8.11.2014
    "On Governance of Quality Shipping in the Baltic Sea - Exploring Collective Action in Polycentric Contexts"
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Economic and Political Studies
  • Smith Hanna 29.8.2014
    "Russian Greatpowerness: Foreign policy, two Chechen wars and international organisations"
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Economic and Political Studies
  • Hovi Tuomas 16.8.2014
    ”Heritage through Fiction. Dracula Tourism in Romania” 
    University of Turku, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies
  • Ijäs Miia 31.5.2014
    Res publica redefined? The Polish-Lithuanian transition period of the 1560s and 1570s in the context of European state formation processes
    Univeristy of Tampere, The School of Social Sciences and Humanities, History
  • Lyytikäinen Laura 23.5. 2014 (associate member)
    “Performing Political Opposition in Russia. The Case of the Youth Movement Oborona”  
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Sciences, Sosiology
  • Yagodin Dmitry 17.5.2014
    The Blogization of Journalism: How blogs politicize media and social space in Russia
    Univeristy of Tampere, The School of Communication, Media and Theatre
  • Dragomir Elena 25.1.2014 (associate member)
    "Cold War Perceptions - Romania’s policy change towards the Soviet Union, 1960-1964"
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Economic and Political Studies, Political History
  • Kulmala Meri 18.12.2013
    State and Society in Small-town Russia: A Feminist-ethnographic Inquiry into the Boundaries of Society  in the Finnish-Russian Borderland.
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Sciences, Sosiology.
  • Koivunen Pia 14.12.2013 
    Performing Peace and Friendship - The World Youth Festival as a Tool of Soviet Cultural Diplomacy, 1947-1957.
    University od Tampere, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, History.
  • Humphreys Brendan13.12.2013 (associate member)
    The Battle Backwards, A Comparative Study of the Battle of Kosovo Polje (1389) and the Munich Agreement (1938) as Political Myths.
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Economic and Political Studies, Political History.
  • Nelson John 
    The significance of Rimsky-Korsakov in the development of a Russian national identity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries 
    University of Helsinki, Musicology
  • Laine Jussi 26.6.2013 (associate member)
    New Civic Neighborhood beyond Borders: A Comparative study of the European and North American Integration Processes.
    University of Eastern Finland
  • Ratilainen Saara 18.5.2013 (associate member)
    Women’s Print Media and Consumer Culture in the New Russia.
    University of Tampere
  • Vallaste Katri 9.3.2013 
    Eurosceptism: Problem or Solution?: Framing Eurosceptism in Mainstream Media and Writings by Eurosceptics in Sweden, Finland and Estonia 2000-2006. 
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Economic and Political Studies, Political Science.
  • Hast Susanna 27.10.2012
    Beyond the Pejorative: Sphere of Influence in International Theory. Lapland University Press, 2012. 
    Series: (Acta Universitatis Lapponiensis 239)
  • Kohonen Iina 14.9.2012 (associate member)
    Gagarinin hymy. Avaruus ja sankaruus neuvostovalokuvissa 1957-1969. 
    Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Helsinki: Aalto, 2012.
    Series: Doctoral dissertations 91/2012. Abstract
  • Nisonen Riikka 2.6.2012 (associate member)
    Science with a Human Face: the Activity of the Czechoslovak  Scientists František Šorm and Otto Wichterle during the Cold War. 
    Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 1729. Tampere: Tampere University Press 2012.
    University of Tampere.
  • Koistinen Jarmo 14.4.2012
    Talousrikos Venäjällä
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law 
    Helsinki: Aleksanteri Institute, 2012
    Series: Kikimora publications. Abstract
  • Kansikas Suvi 4.2.2012
    Trade Blocs and the Cold War. The CMEA and the EC Challenge, 1969-1976. 
    University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences. Abstract
  • Pappila Minna .12.2011
    Sustainability and the governance of forests in Northwest Russia 
    University of Turku
  • Jutila Matti 18.6.2011
    Nationalism Circumscribed: Transnational Governance of Minority Rights in Post-Cold War Europe.
    Helsinki: Acta Politica 43, Unigrafia 2011.
  • Aitamurto Kaarina 8.6.2011 
    Paganism, Traditionalism, Nationalism: Narratives of Russian Rodnoverie
    University of Helsinki, Department of world cultures 
  • Lassila Jussi 19.3.2011
    Anticipating Ideal Youth in Putin´s Russia: The Web-Texts, Symbolic Capital and Communicative Demands of the Youth Movements ”Nashi” and ”Idushchie Vmeste
    University of Jyväskylä, Russian language and culture
  • Piattoeva Nelli 10.12.2010 (associate member)
    Citizenship education policies and the state. Russia and Finland in a comparative perspective
    Tampere: Acta Universitatis Tamperensis; 1561, Tampere University Press, 2010.
    Acta Electronica Universitatis Tamperensis; 1010
  • Dusseault David 15.5.2010 (associate member)
    Elite Bargaining and the Evolution of Centre-Periphery Relations in Post-Soviet Russia: A Comparative Analysis. 
    Helsinki: University of Helsinki, 2010
    Available electronically: e-thesis
  • Järvinen Jouni 29.1.2010 (associate member) 
    Normalization and Charter 77 – Violence, Commitment and Resistance in Czechoslovakia
    Helsinki: Aleksanteri Institute, 2009
    Series: Kikimora publications. Series A: 21
  • Herrala Meri 21.11.2009
    Socialist Realism instead of Formalism: the Formation and Development of the Soviet Music Control System 1932-1950
  • Spies Mattias 13.11.2009 (associate member) 
    Oil extraction in extreme remoteness - The organisation of work and long-distance commuting in Russia's northern resource peripheries
    Joensuu: University of Joensuu, Faculty of Social Sciences and Regional Studies, 2009. 
    Available electronically: Yhteiskuntatieteellisiä julkaisuja nro 99
  • Koikkalainen Katja 3.7.2009
    Kansainväliset vaikutteet ja paikalliset erityispiirteet Kommersant- ja Vedomosti-sanomalehdissä (The Innovators of Business Press in Russia: International Influences and Local Features in the Newspapers Kommersant and Vedomosti)
    Tampere: Media Studies, Tampere University Press, Tampere 2009. ISBN 978-951-44-7752-2. 
    Also published in: Acta Electronica Universitatis Tamperensis; 853 , Tampereen yliopisto 2009. ISBN 978-951-44-7753-9, ISSN 1456-954X.
  • Berglund Krista 25.6.2009 
    The Vexing Case of Igor Shafarevich, a Russian Political Thinker
  • Tamminen Tanja 20.5.2009 (associate member) 
    Des frontières convoitées aux marches de l'Union européenne: La gouvernance européenne de l'espace politique dans les Balkans du Sud après la guerre du Kosovo (1999-2008)
    Institut des Etudes Politiques de Paris, France
  • Probirskaja Svetlana 3.4.2009 (associate member)
    Rajankäyntiä: Suomen ja Venäjän kahdenväliset valtiosopimukset käännöstieteellisen avainsana-analyysin valossa
    Tampere: Acta Universitatis Tamperensis; 1389, Tampere University Press, Tampere 2009. 
    Acta Electronica Universitatis Tamperensis;816
  • Salminen Jenniliisa 13.2.2009 (associate member) 
    Fantastic in Form, Ambiguous in Content - Secondary Worlds in Soviet Children's Fantasy Fiction 
    Available in electronic form Annales Universitatis Turkuensis
  • Ristolainen Mari 15.11.2008 
    Preferred Realities: Soviet and Post-Soviet Amateur Art in Novorzhev 
    Series: Kikimora Publications, Series A:19
  • Pynnöniemi Katri 31.5.2008 (associate member) 
    New Road, New Life, New Russia: International transport corridors at the conjunction of geography and politics in Russia 
    Tampere: Acta Universitatis Tamperensis; 1314, Tampere University Press, 2008. 
    Acta Electronica Universitatis Tamperensis;723
  • Väätänen Juha 4.9.2008 
    Russian Enterprise Restructuring - the Effect of Privatisation and Market Liberalisation on the Performance of Large Enterprises 
    Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto
  • Tynkkynen Nina 4.4.2008 
    Constructing the environmental regime between Russia and Europe. Conditions for social learning. 
    Tampere: Acta Universitatis Tamperensis; 1301, Tampere University Press, 2008. 
    Acta Electronica Universitatis Tamperensis; 708
  • Mäkinen Sirke 23.2.2008 (associate member) 
    Russian Geopolitical Visions and Argumentation. Parties of Power, Democratic and Communist Opposition on Chechnia and NATO, 1994-2003 
    Tampere: Acta Universitatis Tamperensis; 1293, Tampere University Press, 2008. 
    Acta Electronica Universitatis Tamperensis; 69
  • Myllylä Yrjö 28.12.2007 (associate member) 
    Murmanskin alueen teollinen, logistinen ja sosiaalinen kehitys vuoteen 2025
    Joensuun yliopiston verkkojulkaisuissa
  • Huttunen Tomi 15.12.2007 
    Imazhinist Mariengof: Dendi. Montazh. Ciniki. Moskova: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie (NLO) 
    More information in E-thesis
  • Kangas Anni 14.12.2007 (associate member) 
    The Knight, the Beast and the Treasure: A Semeiotic Inquiry into the Finnish Political Imaginary on Russia, 1918-1930s (Ritari, hirviö ja aarre. Semeioottinen analyysi Suomen Venäjän-politiikan poliittisesta mielikuvituksesta, 1918-1930-luvulle).
    Tampere: Acta Universitatis Tamperensis; 1283.
  • Larjavaara Ilmari 5.10.2007 
    Funktionaalinen transitioteoria - Hallinto, oikeusjärjestys ja instituutiot Venäjällä
    Helsinki: Aleksanteri-instituutti, 2007
    Series: (Kikimora publications Series A; 17)
  • Salmenniemi Suvi 1.6.2007
    Growing Flowers in the Frost: Civic Activity, Citizenship and Gender in Russia Julkaistaan otsikolla: Democratization and Gender in Contemporary Russia.
    Routledge Editions
    Abstract available at E-thesis
  • Kahla Elina 4.5.2007
    Life as Exploit: Representations of Twentieth-Century Saintly Women in Russia
    University of Joensuu, 2007
    Series: (Kikimora publications A; 16)
  • Saari Sinikukka 16.3.2007 
    Form But Not the Function? Dilemmas of European Human Rights and Democracy Promotion in Russia 
    London School of Economics
  • Karjalainen Timo P. 17.11.2006 
    The Environment in Contexts: Environmental Concern in the Komi Republic (Russia) 
    University of Oulu, 2006 
    Serie: (Acta Universitatis Ouluensis E ; 85)
  • Ruutu Katja 1.9.2006 
    Venäjän politiikka ja perustuslaki - Tutkimus Venäjän perustuslakikäsitteistön kehityksestä 1900-luvulla 
    Helsinki: Aleksanteri-instituutti, 2006 
    Series: (Kikimora publications. Series A; 14)
  • Salmi Anna-Maria 14.6.2006 
    Social Networks and Everyday Practices in Russia Helsinki: Aleksanteri-instituutti, 2006 
    Series: (Kikimora publications. Series A; 13)
  • Heusala Anna-Liisa 9.9.2005 
    The Transitions of Local Administration Culture in Russia ( PDF 1978 kB) 
    Helsinki: Aleksanteri-instituutti, 2005 
    Series: (Kikimora publications. Series A; 12)
  • Turunen Maija 19.3.2005 
    Faith in the heart of Russia: the religiosity of post-Soviet university students 
    Helsinki: Aleksanteri-instituutti, 2005 
    Series: (Kikimora publications. Series A ; 11)
  • Elo Kimmo 12.3.2005 
    Die Systemkrise eines totalitären Herrschaftssystems und ihre Folgen: eine aktualisierte Totalitarismustheorie am Beispiel der Systemkrise in der DDR 1953. 
    Münster: LIT, 2005 
    Series: (Diktatur und Widerstand / herausgegeben von Manfred Wilke; Band 10)
  • Rytkönen Marja 27.11.2004 
    About the Self and the Time: On the Autobiographical Texts by E. Gershtejn, T. Petkevich, E. Bonner, M. Pliseckaja and M. Arbatova 
    Tampere: Tampere University Press, 2004 
    Series: (Acta Universitatis Tamperensis ; 1046)
  • Miettinen Helena 22.6.2004 
    Menetetyt kodit, elämät, unelmat. Suomalaisuus paluumuuttajastatukseen oikeutettujen venäjänsuomalaisten narratiivisessa itsemäärittelyssä ( PDF 1836 kB) 
    Helsinki: Helsingin yliopisto, sosiaalipsykologian laitos, 2004 
    Series: (Sosiaalipsykologisia tutkimuksia ; 11)
  • Torsti Pilvi 14.1.2004 
    Divergent Stories, Convergent Attitudes: Study on the Presence of History, History Textbooks, and the Thinking of Youth in post-War Bosnia and Herzegovina 
    Helsingin Yliopiston elektroniset väitöskirjat (PDF10875 kB) 
  • Lindström Maarit 21.11.2003 
    Locational Sources of Competitiveness: Finnish Companies' International Business Operations in the Baltic Sea Region 
    Helsinki : Taloustieto, 2003 
    Series: (ETLA. Sarja A ; 37)
  • Rautio Vesa 21.11.2003 
    The Potential for Community Restructuring - Mining towns in Pechenga 
    Helsinki: Aleksanteri-instituutti, 2003 
    Series: (Kikimora publications. Series A ; 9)
  • Miklóssy Katalin 11.6.2003 
    Manoeuvres of National Interest. Internationalism and Nationalism in the Emerging Kádárist Criticism of Romania 1968-1972 
    Helsinki: Aleksanteri-instituutti, 2003 
    Series: (Kikimora publications. Series A ; 8)
  • Autio-Sarasmo Sari 19.1.2002 
    Suunnitelmatalous Neuvosto-Karjalassa 1928-1941. Paikallistason rooli Neuvostoliiton teollistamisessa. 
    Helsinki: Suomalaisen kirjallisuuden seura, 2002 
    Series: (Bibliotheca historica ; 71)