International Summer School in Karelia 2012 - Water – globally and locally (5ECTS)


14–18 May, 2012  




Lecturers from Finland and Russia


The International Summer School in Karelia (ISSK) is an extraordinary meeting point for Russian and Finnish, and European, university students focusing their research on European and Russian studies. Since 2002, the ISSK’s goal has been to bring together a modest amount of master’s degree students for one week at Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU) in Petrozavodsk, Russia and activate their knowledge of topics they have covered during tuition at their home universities during the academic year. Among the main themes of the ISSK have been Geopolitics, Security, Eurasia and The Nordic cooperation.

The focus and theme of the ISSK'12, 'Water' is inspired by the following facts:
1) Fresh water is the vital resource for all species, and a precondition for life.
2) Water in a changing state from solid (ice or snow) to liquid (water), which exposes a range of issues for Arctic futures, for resilience, adaptation, transformation – in all, human and environmental security.
3) Scarcity of fresh water in many parts of the globe causes population pressure, environmental degradation and climate change(s).
4) Water is strategic resource causing competition and conflicts.

For whom? Students of international relations, political sciences, other social sciences, economics, environmental sciences, and Northern and Nordic studies.

Additionally, there will be an opportunity to participate in a full/half-day excursion within Karelia, to nearby sites of general interest.


More information

For additional information about the ISSK'11, do not hesitate to contact the director and members of the ISSK Organizing Committee:

• Lassi Heininen, director University of Lapland lassi.heininen at
• Tapani Kaakkuriniemi University of Helsinki tapani.kaakkuriniemi at
• Hanna Peltonen University of Helsinki hanna.o.peltonen at
• Joni Virkkunen University of Eastern Finland joni.virkkunen at
• Daniel Martsenyuk Petrozavodsk State University daniel.martsenyuk at

For more information of the ISSK, e.g. the Final Reports of the previous Summer Schools – see PetrSu website:


Active participation in daily workshops.
An essay of 10–12 A4 pages, i.e. 22.000–26.000 items on a relevant topic must be submitted to by 17 June 2012.

Registration and costs

How to apply? In a free A4 application, please indicate:
Full name and address, including e-mail address
Home university and (major) academic discipline
Brief statement of interest in the study program.

Deadline Send your application by 4 of April, 2012 to vie-maisterikoulu at

No registration fee. Each participant needs to apply for his/her own visa to Russia.



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