Support for travelling costs

Travelling in Finland

The Master's School supports the students if they wish to participate in courses organized by the other universities of the network. This means that the Aleksanteri Institute will reimburse the travelling expenses, or part of them, supposed that the expenses are based on the cheapest means of transportation. At the most, 50% of the accommodation costs (or 21€/person/night maximum) will be covered by the Master's School. In practice, you first buy your tickets and pay the accommodation on your own. In order to get the costs reimbursed, after the trip you fill the travelling expense reimbursement form and send it with the original receipts and/or tickets addressed to the office of the Master's School:

PL 42
00014 Helsingin yliopisto

Travelling abroad

If you wish to participate in international conference or collect the material for your thesis abroad, please contact the director of Master's School. Travels abroad are supported only in exceptional cases and on profound grounds.