Support of studies and Thesis seminars

Support of studies

In the first phases of studies in the Master's School, we strongly recommend you to write your study plan. If you have any questions concerning the Master's School, please contact the coordinator or the director. They will help you with planning your studies. For the successful performance in the Master's School you need to obtain at least 25 ECTS. You should include one summer school and one thesis seminar in your studies.

Thesis seminars

Most of the thesis seminars are held in Finnish, but normally once a year there is also one seminar conducted in English. Most of those seminars are held abroad. If there is no appropriate seminar available or if you need support for your thesis, please write a 200 words abstract on your thesis and send it to the coordinator and the director of the Master's School. They will seek an advisor for you within the networks of the Master's School. Please note that this advisor will not replace your own advisor(s) from your home department, but is an additional resource offered from the side of the Master's School.