Summer Schools


Summer School in Orilampi (25.-31.8.2011)

The studies of the Master's School begins with a one-week summer school that is organised in late August before the beginning of the term. The summer school is divided into two functional parts. The first 2-3 days are used for discussing research plans or essays on the thesis topic prepared in advance by the students. The members of the Graduate School on Russian and East European Studies act as tutors. The rest of the summer school consists of lectures given by specialists of various disciplines introducing the way the particular discipline looks in the region. However, the lectures will also approach their topics from a multidisciplinary point of view since the students come from different backgrounds.

Other summer schools:

Helsinki Summer School Students of Master's School will get support for the course of Russia in International Politics.

International Summer School in Kilpisjärvi (Lapland) on 8.-15.of August.2012 with Moscow Higher School of Economics.

International Summer School in Petrozavodsk The Faculty of Political and Social sciences of the Petrozavodsk State University has 25 June 2012 decided to move the International Summer School of Karelia (ISSK) as a part of the Cross-Border University (CBU) and decided to discontinue the contract on the coordination of the event with the founder of ISSK, docent Lassi Heininen. This means that the Aleksanteri Institute cannot participate the ISSK in 2013 nor after it.