Study programme of the Master's School in the academic year 2010-2011

This study guide contains all the courses that are offered to students of the Master's School. Some of them are normal courses offered by different universities but a small part is organised by the network or with its support.

The aim has been to organise the schedule of the courses in such a way that the students from other cities can easily participate as well. This means that the teaching has been organised periodically and the use of distance learning tools and methods is encouraged.

All students, irrespective of their home university, have the right to participate in all the courses listed in this guide.


The course changes have been marked by red.

Study passport

Via the email-list ai-verkko, the Master’s School students receive information on guest lectures and seminars on Russia and Eastern Europe that are arranged in addition to the normal university curriculum. By completing a study passport, attending eight 1½-hour lectures, and writing a 16-page analytical report on the lectures (i.e. not merely writing lecture notes), students in the programme can accumulate 2 ECTS. Please contact the Master’s School coordinator for more information on the study passport.