Every year the Master's School organizes some excursions to Russia and Eastern Europe. These excursions include visits to universities, companies and embassies as well as an extensive cultural programme. They are focused on learning and working processes in the countries of our interest. Through our educational trips we want to understand, for example, how students are taught at Polish universities, how Finnish companies are working together with Latvians in Riga or how regional NGOs are organized in contemporary Russia.

We've visited for example Arkhangelsk, Ekaterinburg, Minsk and Kazan during the recent years. The latest excursion took the Master's School to Kiev. For coming excursion we will inform students by ai-verkko.

In the coming Academic year Master’s School arranges study trips to the Balkan area and in Spring to Mari Republic in Russia. Information on the trips and excursions coming on the Master’s School’s website and via ai-verkko.


Excursion to South Caucasus 5th - 10th of March 2012

We start our excursion from Tbilisi / Geogria on Monday morning 5ht of March, and if we will have enough time, we can also visit in Armenia. Participants will take care of their coming and leaving Tbilisi by their selves. For example Air Baltic and Turkish Airlines are flying to Tbilisi and tickets cost from 160 €.

At the excursion, the Master's School will cover costs of accommodation and programme. From the excursion is possible to get 3-4 credits, including a presentation and materials offered in the moodle platform. The registration of the excursion starts on Tue 17th Jan at 10 am and ends on Tue 24th at 12 am in: https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/24265/lomake.html

Max. 15 students are possible to join to the excursion and those who hasn't been in last excursions are preferred. All participants will prepare a presentation or a written report of the excurstion to get three ects. Detailed instructions of the presentation or the report will be published closer to the excursion.