How to apply?

Picture: Hanna Peltonen

The call for applications is open once a year, in spring. People from various different fields of study can apply to the Master's School, presuming that they hold a full right to study in one of the network's twelve universities in Finland.

The Master's School does not grant degrees. When a student is accepted into the Master's School, he/she still continues to study at his/her own faculty and will graduate from that university as well.

Foreign exchange students have the possibility to visit the Master's School and take some of the courses in the curriculum.

Application procedure consist of filling in an electronic application form and sending a recommendation letter written by a professor from the applicant's faculty. The letter should be posted to the address below.Only the applications with a recommendation letter are taken into account. The applicant has to attach to the electronic application form a one-page motivation letter and a recent academic transcript in one of the universities participating in the network.

The deadline for the applications is announced on the Master's School's web page every spring. The closing the call 2012 is in 31st of March. All students, enrolled at the Master's School, can create their study plans according to their wishes and needs, together with the network's director or coordinator.

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For further information and help with filling in the application form, please do not hesitate to contact the Master's School's coordinator Hanna Peltonen, hanna.o.peltonen [at]