Principles of studying in the Master's School

The national Master's School was launched in 1998. It offers the possibility of specialising in Russian and East European studies from the perspectives of different disciplines. The Aleksanteri Institute has brought together the existing teaching and research resources of the 12 participating universities.

The network of expertise combines the strength and specialization of different universities, as it is self-evident that no university alone can offer such a comprehensive program on its own.

Besides the courses offered by the universities, the Master's School organises special thematic seminars focused on supporting the process of thesis writing. It also offers intensive courses with leading scholars from both Finland and abroad as lecturers. The Master's School offers students new possibilities also in the supervision of theses, international exchanges and internships.

The students can specialise in Russia or East Europe through the perspective of economics, society, history, politics, law, environment, culture or theology. The students continue their studies as members of their respective departments and graduate in the normal manner from the university where they are enrolled.

The aim of the Master's School is to train specialists who can work in different organisations, companies or in the academic world in tasks that require knowledge of Russia and East Europe. A multidisciplinary approach allows the students to understand more comprehensively the history, the contemporary issues and the future questions regarding the region.