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Student Information

VGSB-associated students benefits are the FORMAL EDUCATION offered by the school, helping the students obtain The 60 ECTS points required for the PhD degree. VGSB offers courses in molecular aspects of different fields of bioscience as well as courses in transferable skills (see Courses and events).

All VGSB students have a personal FOLLOW-UP GROUP that consists of the student, the supervisor and at least two external experts. The task of the follow-up group is to support the student in scientific and other issues concerning the PhD studies. The group meets at least once annually and the student submits a report to the VGSB after the meeting.

VGSB students can apply for TRAVEL FUNDS for participating in international conferences and courses and for visiting possible post-doc laboratories abroad.

In addition VGSB students receive assistance in questions related to doctoral studies and the bureaucracy from the school and they have the possibility of networking with other graduate students through courses and social events organized by the school.