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Admissions Requirements

VGSB-specific admission requirements

Viikki Doctoral Programme in Molecular Biosciences (VGSB) – an international PhD training program of the University of Helsinki - offers both Ministry of Education funded positions and Research Group funded* positions for graduate students with a background in natural sciences, biology, medicine or another equivalent field.

*Research Group funded students are full members of the doctoral programme but their monthly income is paid by another source than VGSB.



  • The expertise of the supervisor (PI) represents the scientific fields of VGSB (Developmental biology, Cell biology, Plant biology, Structural biology and biophysics, Microbiology, Virology, Genetics and genomics or Bioinformatics in relation to the above mentioned fields) and the research focuses on the molecular mechanisms behind basic biological phenomena at cellular and molecular level.
  • The supervisor (PI) is a member of the Viikki Research Groups in Biosciences (also new members accepted by the Viikki Research Groups in Biosciences in their September 2012 meeting are eligible).
  • An emeritus professor may co-supervise an applicant. Both supervisors should be members of the Viikki Research Groups in Biosciences.
  • The arrangements for scientific training and supervision of the student are in place for the whole aimed period of doctoral studies
  • The research group of the applicant is capable of providing sufficient financial support for the project
  • The research group of the applicant actively participates in developing the curriculum of VGSB
  • The Master's Thesis/Diploma/Pro Gradu of the applicant has to be accepted by the Faculty before the application deadline
  • The applicant should receive his/her M.Sc. (or equivalent) degree no later than in October 2012 and register as a post graduate (PhD) student at the Faculty by December 2012.
    NOTE! Receiving the right to carry out post graduate studies by the Faculty and registering as a PhD student for the academic year are obligatory for enrolling in VGSB.
  • The applicant shall not be in the final stages of the PhD project - VGSB's PhD training program should clearly and significantly benefit (not only financially!) the applicant
  • The applicant is not a student in another doctoral programme
  • The applicant is motivated and capable of carrying out the PhD project
  • The thesis project thematically fits in the scope of the scientific fields represented by VGSB
  • The thesis project of the applicant is scientifically significant, and the goals are clear, realistic and feasible to achieve in four years


PLEASE NOTE also that:

1) The maximum time period in VGSB is 4 years (maternity / paternity leave [in Finnish äitiys- / isyys- ja vanhempainvapaa], military service and non-military service are not counted in the 4 years). In case the student is first a Research Group funded student (previously 'Matching Funds') in VGSB and then allocated a Ministry of Education funded position, the maximum time on the Ministry of Education funded position is 4 years minus the years spent as a Research Group funded student.

2) The maximum number of Ministry of Education funded PhD training position granted per PI in each call is one. Additionally Research Group funded positions can be granted. Also, note that the number of simultaneous Ministry of Education funded PhD training positions per PI is limited to two.

3) Research Group funded students of supervisors who are transfering to a post in another university/institution, may be allocated a Ministry of Education funded PhD training position during the transition state PROVIDED that at least 50% of the applicant's PhD training has been completed at the time of submitting the application.



1) the name of VGSB should appear on the title page of the PhD thesis and in the acknowledgements. This applies to all VGSB students, even if they are for some reason no longer affiliated at VGSB at the time of the dissertation.

2) VGSB should be acknowledged in all the articles published by VGSB students


For further information on VGSB’s PhD training positions, contact the VGSB coordinator, tel. + 358 9 191 59642, e-mail