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Viikki Doctoral Programme in Molecular Biosciences (VGSB) will join the Integrative Life Science Doctoral Program (ILS) starting 1.1.2014. For more information, please see here


Viikki Doctoral Programme in Molecular Biosciences (VGSB) is a PhD training program operating at the Viikki Campus of the University of Helsinki, Finland, financed by the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Finland, and Biocentrum Helsinki.

VGSB focuses on the molecular mechanisms behind basic biological phenomena, and the research fields represented by VGSB are related to the research programs of Viikki Research Group Organization in Molecular Biosciences (see About VGSB). This means that all students affiliated with VGSB work in research groups situated at the Viikki Campus, and the supervisors are members of the Viikki Research Groups in Biosciences.

VGSB’s doctoral students are privileged to participate in an excellent PhD training program including basic and advanced courses in bioscience research, as well as extensive transferable skills. The goal is to achieve the doctoral degree from the University of Helsinki within the four-year doctoral programme period. The progress of the student is supported by the supervisor, a carefully selected Follow Up Group, and VGSB. Students are selected to VGSB annually through an open call.

35% of VGSB students are international, and besides few exceptions the entire study curriculum is in English. The Director of VGSB is Prof. Dennis Bamford, and the Coordinator Dr. Sandra Falck (substituted by Dr. Ulla Tuomainen 10.9.2012 - 31.12.2013).