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Helsingin yliopisto VERIFIN - Kemiallisen aseen kieltosopimuksen instituutti
VERIFY™ – the standard reference database
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VERIFY™ – the standard reference database for chemical disarmament is now available for qualified researchers and institutions

VERIFY is the official analytical reference database used by Organisation for the Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which implements the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).

VERIFY is one of the key tools helping CWC signatory nations, National Authorities, and related research institutions enforce the Convention. VERIFY helps implement the CWC, ensure compliance with the CWC, and streamline inspection and verification activities.

The system includes full information on over 1900 relevant chemicals and provides easy access to detailed analytical reference data. It contains synonyms, chemical and physical basic data on chemicals as well as their mass spectrometric, IR spectrometric, NMR spectrometric and chromatographic data.

VERIFY offers the following features and benefits for the users:

  • An extensive catalogue of compounds covered by the CWC
  • Wide selection of structural, physical, spectral, and chemical properties on all compounds
  • Unmatched search and query capabilities

VERIFY is produced by Verifin (Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention) and Fision Ltd. Verifin is one of the leading international authorities in this field as well as the Finnish National Authority as defined by the CWC. Fision is a leading developer of software products that help researchers and research organizations discover, analyze, and share information and integrate research data, processes and applications. This cooperation ensures the high quality and accuracy of the databases and the ease-of-use and versatility of the software package.

If you are interested in learning more about VERIFY or to acquire one or several licenses, please contact Fision Ltd. at sales@fision.fi.