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University of Helsinki VERIFIN - Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention
Designated Laboratory
Contact Information:
A. I. Virtasen aukio 1 (P.O. Box 55)
Department of Chemistry
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
tel. +358 2941 50443
fax +358 2941 50437
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VERIFIN regained its designation for environmental samples in spring 2017. VERIFIN participated in three consecutive OPCW (Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) Proficiency Tests (PT) in 2015-2016 and succeeded to achieve the highest score A in each test. This means that VERIFIN can again receive real environmental samples from the OPCW.

In 2017 VERIFIN achieved also the status of the designated laboratory of the OPCW for biomedical samples. Therefore VERIFIN can receive also real biomedical samples from the OPCW .

Verification Laboratory

The total analysis and reporting time for OPCW sample is 15 days. The identification of the chemicals must be based on at least two different analytical techniques. One of the analytical techniques must be spectrometric; e.g. GC-EI/MS, GC-CI/MS, LC-MS, FTIR or NMR.

Institute participates also other relevant tests (e.g. Trial Proficiency Tests, Confidence Building Exercises) whenever possible to improve its capabilities to analyze CWC related Chemicals.

VERIFIN has state of readiness for analysis of CWC-related chemicals for verification and occupational health purposes.