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University of Helsinki VERIFIN - Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention
Training Course on National Authority and Chemical Databases
Contact Information:
A. I. Virtasen aukio 1 (P.O. Box 55)
Department of Chemistry
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
tel. +358 9 191 50443
fax +358 9 191 50437
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Course description

The first aim of the National Authority (NA) training is to familiarize the trainees in annual practical routines of NA, including the inquiries made to the local industry to locate the declarable activities, questionnaires to collect national declarable activities and the declarations made to the OPCW. A training session of the latest version of the electronic declaration tool for National Authorities (EDNA) and introduction to the Secure Information Exchange (SIX) system for preparing and transmitting declarations to the OPCW is included in the course program.

The second aim of NA training is to familiarize the trainees in routines for receiving and escorting OPCW inspections.

The third aim of NA training is to familiarize the trainees in legislative issues required for national implementation of the CWC.

The aim of the chemical database training is to introduce various databases and libraries which can be utilized for the verification tasks of the CWC. Training includes lectures and practical exercises with computers.

Course description

The program is organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention, VERIFIN. The practical conduct of the course is assisted by experts from the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW.

Financial Conditions for Participation

The Organizers will provide, according to their established rules, free of charge:

  • travel costs from home country to Helsinki and return (airline tickets to the closest airfield only!);
  • travel costs within Finland when directly connected with the program (excluding daily commuting in Helsinki);
  • accommodation in Helsinki;
  • daily allowances to cover meals and other everyday running costs. In 2017 this allowance is EURO 41 (approx. USD 44).

The financial conditions apply to the participant only. If members of his/her family follow, all the costs incurred and visa arrangements will have to be covered by the participant of the sending government.


All the candidates for the Training Course on National Authority and Chemical Databases should have

  • good working knowledge of the English language as all the work will be conducted in English;
  • priority will be given to applicants that have or will have an affiliation to the National Authority to the CWC;
  • experience in administrative issues concerning chemicals;
  • practical experience with computers and the Microsoft Windows environment.

Date, program and place

Training Course on National Authority and Databases: August 8- 17, 2017

Arrival to Finland: 7 August, 2017; departure: August 18, 2017

Main Subjects Days (approx.)
Accommodation (public transport and services, city and shopping)
Introduction to VERIFIN, staff, and facilities
National Authority (NA)
Duties of the NA, declarations, inspections, legislative issues
Chemical databases, VERIFY chemical database (developed by VERIFIN), OPCW database, and Internet 2,5

All teaching is arranged by VERIFIN and takes place in the buildings of the Kumpula Campus (Chemicum, Physicum or Exactum), University of Helsinki, Finland.

The OPCW provides general lectures on the CWC, legislative issues, EDNA and SIX in the NA part of the program.