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Translation of Russian belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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Studies > Possible minor subjects

Basic studies in Finnish for Translators (SSU100K) and in Translation Studies (CKT100) are compulsory minor modules for students majoring in Translation of Russian. Additional minor subjects might include another translation subject or language subject. Intermediate Studies in Translation Studies are also available, with three alternative study lines: a general line (CKT200Y), a line for audiovisual translation (CKT200A), and a line for translation technology (CKT200K).

Further available modules include Interpreting I (CTU100) and Interpreting II (CTU200), which are composed of interpreting courses offered in the Translation Studies subject and within Translation of Russian.

Translators may specialize in a particular field in accordance with their own interests, and may choose a relevant minor subject within the Faculty of Arts, or from another faculty or university.